Happy Birthday BBC Kent Introducing!/Triangular Snacks


On Friday we played a set at Folkestone’s Quarterhouse, for BBC Kent Introducing‘s 2nd Birthday. Definately our best gig of 2010 so far! The crowd were excellent and really enthusiastic; we had some sort of moshing and chanting going on. It was brilliant, and packed to the rafters. As relative newcomers to the Kent scene, we were all surprised at the reaction we got, and it is testament to the crowd’s open-mindedness that we went down so well. Roll on BBC Kent Introducing’s 2nd Birthday! Cheers to Jacob Rikard for playing us on his show and giving us a chance to play there.

Unfortunately we had to get back home, which was a major trek, so we missed out on seeing the bands on after us. Caught a glimpse of local band ‘Elephants’, and they seemed to really smash it too. Tom Williams and the boat were headlining, and although we couldn’t stay until his set, we did see him do an acoustic performance in an upstairs bar. No p.a no amps no nothing-but it was excellent. We’re playing with Tom at the Old Blue Last this Tuesday for his single release party, come on down and have a dance, it’s free after all. The facebook event is here.

There are interviews with all the bands and some of their songs (including us; Jumbo Jet and Sister On The Stairs) on BBC Kent Introducing’s Iplayer. Here is the link.

We met Legendary DJ Dave Cash and his lovely wife Sara that night too; a fascinating couple with some amazing stories to tell. Ben was enchanted, and so was I. He seemed to really like our set too, which was a bonus!

On the way back, we stopped off in a service station. In the shop they had ‘TEST SANDWICHES-NOT FOR SALE’. Naturally we were perplexed by this and asked if we could just have one, seeing as you can’t buy them. Turns out they are for testing the temperature of the fridge they’re stored in. Bizarre. Thermometer maybe? No? I bought Doritos. I also bought Doritos the day after in Camberwell, after a night at ‘Funky Monkey’ with Mahood.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who watched our set and danced. I for one can’t wait to play in Folkestone again!

asta la vista baby

Gaoler’s Daughter


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