We are very much a ‘grass-roots’ operation with no budget for press or PR. So, we are reliant on bloggers, fanzines and magazines who actually like our music to say so.

Here are some press quotes we’ve gathered over the last 12Months. If you are a reviewer/journalist and would like to review our music or a live show please contact us here.

“They sound unlike any other band currently treading the boards”

“Their unique sound draws on a wide range of stylistic touchstones, whilst avoiding categorizations and comparisons.”

“What I love about Gaoler’s Daughter is the interplay between the melancholia and the kinetic energy, not only live but in the music and lyrics”

“We truly love this band.”

“No other word to describe it, excellent.”

“These are highly competent musicians, who work superbly together. It is always good to get a chance to see a band live”

‘No serious 2010 tips bill would be complete without the guitar frenzy cap of the capital sound of Gaoler’s Daughter.”

“A class act with a delightfully bright underbelly. Full of grace and whimsical pickings make this EP a slice of summery brilliance.”

“Grab your lover’s hand as one listen to this and it will certainly be your soundtrack to the Summer Of Love 2010!”


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