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September 29, 2010

It’s been a while since we wrote one of these so there’s lots to talk about. Firstly, a hello is definitely in order. ‘Hello’.

Recently we left our label 360degreemusic. It was an amicable parting and we thanks them for all their help over the last 12 Months. We felt it would be better for everyone involved, as it allows them to concentrate on working with all the other great bands on their label and it allows us the freedom to scheduling our own releases, collect our own data / revenue and to continue to grow as a song-writing band. We haven’t ruled out looking for another label in the future but for now we’re happy going it alone.

In other news, we have a new agent! Bud at Radar Agency will be the man to contact for bookings from now on.

We’ll be releasing our next E.P ‘Rhyme and Treason’ on the 15th November (scheduled release date) as an unsigned band. It will be available on iTunes so dust off your wallets and buy it! It’s definitely our best set of songs/recordings so far and we’re all really proud of them. There will also be a few limited edition physical copies that will be available at our upcoming gigs and we want you to have them!

The recording of ‘Rhyme & Treason’ was funded with the help of our new friends Strummerville. They are an amazing charity run by some very special people. Visit their site and check out some of the amazing bands that have been helped by the charity.

We recorded this EP at Urchin Studios in Limehouse with our good friends Dan Cox & Matt Ingram who we worked with on our previous EPs. We can’t speak highly enough of these guys. We’ll be working with them again for sure.

Now you might have noticed we’ve been lying low on the gig front recently…Well, we’ve not been twiddling our thumbs. In fact quite the opposite. We’ve been busy writing loads of new songs. About 8 new ones and a couple of re-worked old ones and we’re all really excited about playing them live. “They got grooves yeh.”

So we’ve booked a few dates in London (more dates around the U.K TBA soon) which we’d love to see you at! So far there are:

23 Oct 2010

Bowery Electric (DJ set) New York.

1 Nov 2010

Bull & Gate Kentish Town, London.

3 Nov 2010

Buffalo Bar Highbury & Islington, London.

7 Nov 2010

The Black Sheep Croydon, Surrey.

18 Nov 2010

Hoxton Pony Hoxton, London.

4 Dec 2010

93 Feet East East End, London.

The New York date is a Mahoody DJ set as he’s going over the pond for a few days to enjoy the CMJ music festival. If you are a New Yorker or you’re in NYC then prepare for some dark dark beats etc.Thanks for reading,Gaolers

Secret Garden Party

July 26, 2010


it’s Ben here.

What a great weekend we’ve just had at Secret Garden Party. We played on the Strummeville stage and, as always, we had a lot of fun hanging out there with the Strummerville crew. Enjoying the warmth of the campfire with us were lots of other bands – Mystery Jets, Rum Shebeen, Supernovas, Wild Wolves, Dekay, The Peeps, Nimmo And The Gaunletts. Overall, the festival had a really good vibe but Alfie’s black eye is testament to the fact that not everyone there was full of peace and love… Nevertheless most people were there to enjoy listening to music in a beautiful countryside setting.

This Thursday (29th) we’re playing a free gig at Hoxton Pony. It’s the launch of a new club night called ‘Hoxton Live Sessions‘. Playing there with us will be Keiran Leonard. We also we feature on the first Hoxton Live Sessions Podcast along with great new band Two Wounded Birds. Look out for them. They’re great! Download it and enjoy. We’re looking forward to a great night on Thursday. See you there.

Now I’m going to sleep…. Nite

Lounge On The Farm

July 20, 2010

Hello there,

I feel an update is in order!

Lounge on the farm was fantastic, we ended up playing three sets-one on the sheep dip stage, where we were booked for, and two on the strummerville stage. The Sheep dip gig went well, apart from me breaking a string which meant we couldn’t play a couple of songs we wanted to. Crowd seemed to love it, even though it was a little early for people to be drunk to dance. The strummerville gigs went really well-thanks to trish and the gang for putting us on there. There was a really nice atmosphere over at the strummerville stage; so good that most of the people we knew spent the whole weekend there, sitting by the fire and getting up to general mischief.

The weekend was a succes for me apart from the last night where it started raining. I’d just finished watching fionn regan so had that fuzzy feeling. Just bought a cup of tea so now had that warm fuzzy feeling. I guess you could say i was happy. Then i got into my tent and it started monsooning it down. My tent didn’t have the outer sheet either (it’s a long story involving convectional evaporation, the wring types of pegs and mould. Big pieces of mould) so i got soaked. Miserable times guys…

But in the morning we went to morrisons for a nice fish and chips with the resident pensioners so it all worked out for the best.

Thanks to everyone who came to the Gig at Proud Galleries on the 15th. It was a really special gig and we all had a great time performing, even though we couldn’t see anything/body due to an overzealous smoke machine. Thanks also to Depot who played a ‘blinder’ and let us use all of their amps and drums and things.

Until next time

Gaoler’s X

Sharabang Tour: Liverpool

June 7, 2010


The ‘up north’ part of the Sharabang tour started in Liverpool, a city i’ve been to a few times. Twas a lovely day, and despite the early start, everyone seemed to be in good spirits on the bus. I don’t even want to think about how long it actually took to get there, needless to say, many service stations were visited. Many over-priced BLT sandwiches were bought.

The gig was good fun, although not as busy as we’d hoped. One of my best friends from school came down, as he lives in the city, so it was good to see a familiar face. After the gig we just drank quite a bit, as beer was so cheap. Ben went off to the club next door and drank a whole pitcher to himself, nice work.

We got a cab back to the travel lodge but the bed/person ratio was way out and i ended up on the floor with my trousers as a pillow. i woke up all full of ache, although alfie giving me his McMuffin eased this slightly. I’d never had one before, frankly because they look rotten, but they actually taste alright. relatively. Compared the their hash browns.

So that was liverpool.

If you are reading this today (7th June) then we have a gig at the Boogaloo in highgate tonight. It’s acoustic and there’s some good bands supporting, so worth a look i reckon!

Also, our E.P alchemy came out fully today!!! You can buy your copy here….

Take care

Gaoler’s Daughter!

Imagination dead Imagine

December 5, 2009


Just come back from a gig at 12bar in Denmark street. It’s a great venue, always a good feeling in their and always busy. There’s an upper tier that’s easy to forget about on stage as all you can really see are people’s feet, but it gives it the feel of an Old Shakespearian theatre; less Romeo and Juliet, more Sid and Nancy. There’s a big old picture of Albert Einstein that stares down at you when you’re onstage. No-one other than the people on stage can see it and it’s a bit unsettling. He’s got a look in his eyes that says, ‘…well?’ Alright, Albert, I haven’t dicsovered the theory of pretty much everything that ties the universe together, but I’m trying man give me a break. I only came to sing a few songs…

It’s always a bit galling walking down Denmark Street with all those beautiful guitars in the windows, staring out at you saying, ‘take me home’. One day, one day…

We played at the Red Lion (Filthy Mcnasties) on thursday which was also very fun, thanks to everyone who came and watched. I think Ken with the beard was there again bustin’ some moves…he’s brilliant. Kid Champion played just before us and were very  good; really together as a band.

Well it’s nearly Christmas so i had better go and eat some more of the Quality Street I had saved. I’m down to the coconut ones. Dark times…



Some Lyrics…

October 9, 2009

Now then, some of you have been asking us for the lyrics to our free track give away ‘”9 Pieces Of Silk“. So we decided we’d not only post up those lyrics but we’d also included the lyrics of 2 songs which will feature on our forthcoming debut EP “The Only Way To Travel” due to be released on 360 degree music on December 1st. We’re very much looking forward to our launch party at Puregroove on 1st. See you there.

Until then, you’d better get learning the words so you can all sing along like you wrote it!

9 Pieces Of Silk

I’ve got nine pieces of silk
And a black and white armband
I’ve got shoes made out of stone
And a silver rabbit in my hand

All the men have been shot down
And the women are taking over
I’ve got the passion of New Eve
Peering over my shoulder

I said i loved your body
What more could you possibly want from me?
I came to all your parties
I came to them all

My mother reads the cards
In a caravan on Brighton pier
My father ran away
But I did not shed a tear until

My garden is full of holes
Where my Granddad tried to bury himself
My sister sits at home
Drinking to good health

I said I loved your body
What more could you possible want from me?
I came to all your parties
I came to them all

Jumbo Jet

I’ve sat on an Alp as if it were my throne
But I can’t describe the feeling I get
Staring out the window of a jumbo jet
It’s all so real

I’ve stood in the dead sea like a miser’s bath
But if there’s a better feeling I’ve not felt it yet
Staring out the window of a jumbo jet
It’s all so real

Take me back to my home
Please say it’s raining there

I’m Icarus, I’m Gulliver
But I can’t describe the feeling I get
Staring out the window of a jumbo jet
It’s all so real

Quilted beige and candy floss
If there’s a better feeling I’ve not felt it yet
Staring out the window of a jumbo jet
It’s all so real

Take me back to my home
Please say it’s raining there
Take me back to my home
Please say it’s raining there

I feel a languishment
But that’s all it is
I can’t describe the feeling i get
Staring out the window of a jumbo jet

Take me back to my home
Please say it’s raining there
Take me back to my home
Please say it’s raining there
Take me back to my home
Please say it’s raining there
Take me back to my home
Please say it’s raining there

Clown and Out Blues

Do you want to know
How I came to be this way?
Why my pint glass is empty
Why I’ve been here all day?
Why my face has grown long
Why I sway on my chair?
Why there’s holes in my soles
Why there’s grey in my hair?

I was a child’s entertainer
Once upon a time
I made people laugh
Once upon a time
A long time ago

I don’t work no more
I’ve signed on the dole
Kids nowadays
Would rather play on their games consoles
Because a flower that squirts
And a man in big shoes
Must seem pretty lame
Compared to Tekken 2

I was a child’s entertainer
Once upon a time
I made people laugh
Once upon a time
A long time ago

My last custard pie
Has long since been thrown
My face-paint and make-up
Are now the only things I own
Because when your down and out
It’s nice to be able to say
That a smile
Is just a brush-stroke away

I was a child’s entertainer
Once upon a time
I made people laugh
Once upon a time
A long time ago

to be continued…

BRIGHTON! just one more sleep……

September 25, 2009

So, I thought I’d jump on the blogging band-wagon and have go myself.

Hopefully you are all aware that we play The Hope in Brighton on Saturday (26th). It’s something we are all really looking forward to, Alfie and John are already there, that’s how eager they are! Expect an up-tempo set with a few lazy tunes to counter the up-tempo ones. We have chucked in a few oldies that we haven’t played in a while which we are looking forward to playing. So get down Brighton early for fish n’ chips, a few beers and to hang out. Make a mini-holiday of it as we are! We look forward to seeing you all.


Primary Boater.

September 23, 2009

Since signing to 360 degree music, things have been moving along nicely. We’ve got a new website with more tracks to listen to, pictures, links and some freebies for you lucky people!

You can view the website here:

Gaolers Daughter

A couple of gigs have been added to the calendar too:

1st October @ The King’s Head (Acton)

3rd December @ The Red Lion (Twickenham) a.k.a Filthy Mcnasties

and our first gig in Brighton is coming up this Saturday @ The Hope. Really looking forward to that one!

Creative juices have been flowing too, and we’ve been writing some really interesting songs in rehearsals. Two songs are nearly finished: One, a middle ages English folk tune with a Latin beat (if you can imagine it) and the other; a Smiths-esque danceable tune with some pretty deep lead guitar. Can’t wait to play them live and hear the reactions!

Anyways, the artwork is all done for the E.P, and we’re all on course for a November release for our debut. There will be a launch party to celebrate the release so keep your ears to the ground…

This week I have learned:

You can buy slush-puppy-like cider out of the taps in the Hermits Cave in Camberwell (‘Westons’)

The Horrors‘ new album is surprisingly good

Sunday Drivers do exist/are as bad as people say. Generally they have a wicker hat on the parcel shelf and boiled sweets in the glove-box.


Gaolers Daughter


Let’s Consult My Beard

August 21, 2009


After a couple of weeks of frequent gigging, it’s time for another update. Last night we played in alfie’s old stomping ground, twickenham (The Red Lion a.k.a Filthy Mcnasties) and although the journey home was it was worth it. Our show went without a hitch save for a dodgy 9volt battery (the tongue tinglers as i like to call them) and the impenetrable spiderwebfortress of guitar leads that restricted movement somewhat. There were some excellent characters there too, including a man called ken (We’d been told about him earlier; he’s somewhat a local celebrity) with a fantastic beard who danced gazelle-graceful throughout our set.

Rum Shebeen played just before us and were on top form, with Dave Ashby neglecting his guitar in favour of a rainstick and some splendid dance moves (i think i might even have seen a moonwalk).

Earlier in the week we played The Macbeth with Babe Shadow, a band we also played with in Stoke Newington last week, and just get better and better everytime we see them. Some really haunting melodies,  and stunning outside-the-box guitar work.

On the business side of things, 360 have just finished drawing up the final draft of the contract, and all our pens are poised ready to sign it as soon as we can.

And with the ink still glistening on the page, we’ll head into the studio to finish off recording the second E.P at Alchemea Studios, after the drums and bass were recorded last week (and are sounding sweeet!).

See you soon,

Gaolers daughter x