Sharabang Tour Day 1: Brighton

June 2, 2010

Hello, I had just finished writing this blog when my computer crashed, slightly frustrating, so I’ll be brief!

The first day of the ‘Sharabang’ tour kicked off in Brighton, at my favourite venue there, Concorde 2. I have seen loads of bands there and have always wanted to play there, so I was happy just to be on stage. Loads of smoke machines and lights, the two main things to make a good gig.

The Saudis were excellent, playing a really energetic set, as was Nat Jenkins, who played a full band show. Our label-mates The Supernovas managed really well too, considering they had no drummer!

After checking into the hotel, we went to The Pavillion Tavern, normally a really great pub, but that night it was just far too metal! I know I sound like my Dad, but the music they were playing was just noise. Sorry to drag people there!

We ended up on the beach having met up with nearly everyone who played earlier. We all sat round a fire and it was really great getting to know people on the tour. It was starting to get light after I’d finished up my Lambrini, so me and my friend Andy walked home, briefly sidetracked by trying to save an injured owl-and trying to fend off a man who said he’d break its neck as it’s the most “humane thing to do”. Just no.

Photo courtesy of Bradley Philip

Thanks so much to everyone who made it down and made it a really great night. Also to my housemate who I wrestled with on the beach.

Ciao, Gaoler’s x


Tap N Tin/Aliens

May 10, 2010

Surprisingly enjoyable set at the Tap n Tin the other night. Although i used to go there all the time, this was Gaoler’s Daughter’s first time in wonderful Chatham! We’d heard murmurings of discontent within the venue so had a feeling it was going to be a fairly quiet one, but as it turned out, there was a good sized crowd there, and we all enjoyed ourselves. But, alas, we had to get back to London sharpish, so we got the money and ran…

In the car back to London, we came to the conclusion that spiders are in fact aliens. And we indulged ourselves by listening to our latest recordings, which i should add, are sounding pretty sweet.

In other news, legendary DJ Dave Cash played a song from our soon to be released E.P on his BBC Kent show. We’re often played on the BBC Introducing show there, and it was great to get some airplay on a show aimed at a different audience! It was ‘Meet You On The Other Side of The World’- he played it during his country hour and it seemed to fit right in there with it’s country-esque drums and bass…thanks Dave! You can pre-order our brand new E.P Alchemy, with that track on it from here.

I’m loving Pentangle at the moment, they’ve been helping me through my dissertation, which is an uphill struggle at the moment, for that i thank you, Pentangle.

Another update coming soon…

gaoler’s X

Mr Bombastic

May 4, 2010

The gig at Tommy Flynn’s was excellent. It was always going to be busy, as it took place on Camden Crawl weekend in the heart of town. And busy it was…

The set went really well, we even threw in a brand new song called ‘Famous Green Dress’ which we’re all really loving at the moment, having recorded it for our third E.P.

Behold a Pale Horse played just before us and were excellent, this being the first time I’d seen them live.

It was my 21st birthday the next day so when the clock struck midnight, I was bombarded with Jagerbombs (someone’s got to drink them), and by ten past I was ready to party. Ended up in The Camden Head after Omar kindly got us in, which was a lovely place and then got a bus to Ben’s house in Palmer’s Green for more drinks. Had lots of fun there, mainly eating pizza and the standard putting on of songs you’re sure everyone needs to hear on Spotify.

To cut a long story short I woke up at mid-day, and had an hour to get back to Kent for my Birthday meal. Anyone who knows me knows I am not a cartographer, but even I knew that was impossible. So I managed to miss my own Birthday! O well, I had a fun night and managed to apologise my way out of it in the end.

Only a couple of weeks until Alchemy comes out! Be sure to pre-order your copy over here!

Gaoler’s x

The Lusty Spring

April 29, 2010

Brighton…the gig itself was very fun indeed, thanks so much to everybody who made it down. Ben and i weren’t feeling to great due to colds/over indulgences the night before, but we made it to the end of what turned out to be a really energetic set. The Hope, the venue, were rather tight fisted to say the least when it came to money so we won’t be playing there again. I went home straight away and pretty much passed out on the sofa. The rest of the boys ended up on Brighton beach, culminating in an involuntary all-nighter because a train didn’t turn up. So sore heads all round in the morning!

Rather more annoyingly, someone stole Alfie’s bass and Mahood’s pedal bags from right under my nose. Still not sure how it happened, but if you see for sale in some pawn shop in brighton:
A 70’s Guild Bass, Brown with black scratchplate
A pedal bag with a Big Muff, Ehx Reverb Pedal and Boss Distortion pedal.

Let us know! A long shot, but we’re desperate.

The next day I did an acoustic set at R-Bar in Brighton with Natalie Evans. She was great as usual, although the crowd were rather rude for both of us. Generally not interested, with their backs to us. Not really known as a music venue, so it was to be expected. Anyway i got my cashmoney and left sharpish to get an Italian. Amazing. 3 courses for £5.95! Brighton is the place to go for italian, amongst other things. Not the best weekend we’ve ever had in Brighton, but still somehow worth it.

Next update, coming shortly, will be about our 3 days in Urchin studios recording our next release. Basically, they’re sounding amazing. Definitely the best thing we’ve done so far.

This week i have mostly been listening to Beach House. Zebra has one of the best choruses i’ve heard in a while

adios, Gaoler’s x


April 18, 2010

Did a solo acoustic show in Gravesend (represent) on Thursday night. Was the first one I’d done in a while, but i’d blistered my fingers practicing so much that my set went without a hitch. Bit scared, but as soon as I started playing, i really enjoyed it. The set was mainly Gaoler’s songs and my own ones that we haven’t had a chance to play as a band yet. Twas good to see a load of old faces and the night was great fun, even though i was designated driver. The lime juice cordial was just divine.

There was a bit of a nightmare with P.A; I took my Dad’s old 80’s P.A which was basically rubbish and kept fuzzing after about 30 seconds. Luckily there was a guy there who managed to patch together some speakers he found, and a D.J amp unit, so the gig could go ahead.

Natalie Evans played first and was really good. Really pretty songs without being ‘twee’. Great guitar playing too. The packed crowd really loved it and she got a big cheer after every song.

Ela Caspian played after me and went down very well. Good melodies and cheekbones.

Not long now before our second E.P comes out on the 6th June! You can pre-order it here and get it a couple of days early…

Gaolers x

Anyone (lyrics)

April 12, 2010

Here are the lyrics for an old song, possibly soon to be revisited in our next recordings…


As far as love is concerned,
blood will always win
over petty pleasures of the flesh
and a Devil’s lust for skin.

Words are footsteps on the moon;
written in our bones,
but fast-flowing rivers leave no
sharp-edged stones.

If you ever needed anyone,
I’ll be there just as soon
as I’ve finished what I’m doing.

I’d like to call you up,
but I know you’re very busy,
and I’d like to see you more,
but I don’t want to drag you with me.

Isabella, sleep with Angelo
and save me from my grave,
I’ve still got some of that fire left;
there’s still enough of me left to save.

sterry x

The Game

April 11, 2010


it’s Ben here.

So, last night saw us play our much anticipated gig ‘The Game‘ at Scala King’s Cross. Thanks to everyone who came out to see us. Big special thanks to Dan, Katie, Jimmy, Kate, the face painters, technicians, magicians and everyone who worked so hard to make it a special night. We had a great night!

As my hangover slowly recedes I recall several great moments from the evening; Being introduced to the stage with a glowing reference from XFM’s John Kennedy, seeing our good mates Ronnie, Genie, Caffy, Danny and Tom again, hanging out in the VIP bar with Jack Penate and Mystery Jets while James Lavelle rocked the decks and of course all the beautiful (and amiable) burlesque ladies!

Our set itself went down really well. The crowd were really responsive and seemed to know most of the words! Alex’s mandolin made a triumphant return to the band, complete with new strings!

John’s playing his first solo acoustic gig on 15th April at R Bar in Gravesend. He’ll be playing all your favourite Gaoler’s Daughter classics as well as some new ones. Our next full-band gig is at The Gaff on Holloway Road on 20th April for ‘Snuffed It’. We’re on at 10:30pm. prices are £3 students, £4 before 10pm, £5 after. It should be a good gig. The venue is really cool. All our up-coming gigs are listed on our website;

Also, our 2nd EP ‘Alchemy’ is available for pre-order now from our website and on itunes.

Darren from ‘Shit Disco‘ has remixed our song ‘Jumbo Jet’. You can download the song for free from soundcloud. Enjoy!

Now go outside and enjoy the sun!

Gaoler’s Daughter. X

Tony Partridge

April 9, 2010


The gig at Proud Galleries went really well the other night. A strange mix of people, which i guess is to be expected in Camden on a Friday night, but we had a few people dancing down the front which was good to see. Is tropical played a blinder too. Love that song of their’s called ‘I think we’re alone’-sounds like i’ve know it all my life! Ended up in Punk in soho with one third of them and a few others: very drunk indeed. Thought i’d lost my wallet, which wouldn’t have been the first time. Got angry. Found it again. Was happy.

Just finished watching 24hour Party People. I’d been told i should see it and hadn’t had a chance to, but i recorded it when it was on the other night. It’s actually really good and i recommend it. Steve Coogan is great as Tony Wilson, although he pretty much plays Alan Partridge with longer hair. And there’s nothing wrong in that.

Just about to buy my tickets for the Hop Farm festival in Kent. It’s not far from where i live and therefore would be blasphemous not go, especially seeing a s a certain Mr B.Dylan happens to be playing! Can’t say no really…see you there?

There’s been a few more shows added to our calendar, so head on over to our myspace for more details. Tomorrow night should be good as we’re playing at the Scala for the Game launch night.


Gaoler’s x

Gig update

March 29, 2010

So, we’re playing Proud in Camden this Friday 2nd with our good friends Is Tropical. It should be a good one.

Also, we’re playing the launch night of ‘The Game’ at Scala on 10th. It’s going to be a huge night. James Lavelle is DJing! You can buy advance tickets from here;

Also, we’re pleased to announce our first two festival bookings have been confirmed for the Summer. There will be more to come on the festival front!

Check our website for up the minute gig listings.

John is playing a couple of solo acoustic slots at R Bar in Gravesend and Brighton. He’ll be debuting some new songs as well as performing alternative versions of all your favourite Gaoler’s Daughter classics!

2 Apr 2010 20:00
With Is Tropical @ Proud Camden, London
10 Apr 2010 20:00
The Game @ Scala Kings Cross, London
14 Apr 2010 20:00
The Staggs Head, Dalston Dalston, London
15 Apr 2010 20:00
John Sterry Solo Acoustic Show – R BAR Gravesend, Kent
20 Apr 2010 20:00
The Gaff Holloway Rd, London
21 Apr 2010 20:00
Barhouse Chelmsford, Essex
24 Apr 2010 20:00
The Hope Brighton
25 Apr 2010 20:00
John Sterry Solo Acoustic Show – R BAR Brighton
1 May 2010 20:00
FLU – Camden Crawl Camden, London
13 May 2010 20:00
Bloody Awful Poetry Club Camden, London
12 Jun 2010 20:00
BBC Introducing Stage @ Sellindge Festival Sellindge, Kent
9 Jul 2010 20:00
Lounge on The Farm Canterbury, Kent


March 26, 2010

Just finished a gig which was being filmed for Taken TV in Strongrooms, Shoreditch. Was a good one, and we got given drinks tokens for that Buffalo trace Bourbon whiskey which happens to be my favourite, so i was happy. The video from the night should be up on youtube soon and i’ll post a link on here when it’s available.

I’ve added a couple of solo acoustic shows, one in Gravesend and one in Brighton, so if you’re around, come and have a watch-the details are on our myspace…

Festival wise we’ve just confirmed with two festivals:

Sellindge Festival

Lounge on the Farm

Both are really great festivals and i hope to see you all there!

Tomorrow Tom Williams (of the Boat) is playing just down the road from me in Brighton, so I’m off there and am looking forward to it. Went into snooper’s paradise in Brighton today. If you’ve never been before, go, because i can’t begin to explain how much i love that place-i could have bought everthing in there, but alas bought nothing as i am poor. Mind you there was a lovely barometer in there for £7 which i might go back for tomorrow if it’s still there. Yes i think i will. I’ll just go hungry for the rest of the week!

Gaoler’s Daughter