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New Tunes Recorded

July 11, 2009

Well, we’ve just had a very productive 2 days producing and recording the songs for our first release at Urchin Studios in Limehouse, East London! On the first day we recorded 4 songs with Matt Ingram at the desk. On the second day we mixed all 4 songs with Dan Cox at the desk. Matt and Dan have are very talented engineers and they are a pleasure to work with. Now we just need to get the tracks mastered and we’re ready to release these songs! You’re still gonna have to wait until mid-September though because that’s life!

Trust us, these songs are worth the wait. ‘From Russia With Love’ sounds so intimate and close. It’s as if John is sat next to you singing the words straight into your ear… ‘Sister On The Stairs’ has a great New Orleans feel to it. ‘Jumbo Jet’ is the liveliest track and is probably gonna be the title track of the ep. ‘Clown And Out Blues’ is sad and slow but it’s supposed to be….

We’re going into to Alchamea studios on Monday with Andrew to demo some new tunes for our next recording date at Urchin in a couple of weeks. We can’t wait. Things are moving fast at the moment. We’re in talks with 360 degree music at the moment and hope to sign a deal with them very soon. Watch this space.

Gaoler’s Daughter x


Heading into the studio…

July 3, 2009


Well that time has come again, where we lock ourselves away from the world for a couple of days in the recording studio. Where day and night seem to merge into one in a Sailor Jerry’s rum haze.

We’re all looking forward to recording the new tracks at Urchin Studios, and we’ve got quite a few to choose from. The recordings we’ve done before were really just demos, but this time we’re going to take our time and really create something to be proud of, not in a ‘Dark Side of the Moon‘ epic concept album way, more in a tasteful, refined way (We hope, although we have been known to get carried away with a Moog synthesizer…dark times).

We’ll be recording:

Clown and Out Blues, From Russia With Love, Sister On The Stairs, Jumbo Jet.

By the end we should have songs that we will be able to release in the next couple of months. Exciting stuff!

take care

Gaoler’s Daughter x