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January 30, 2010


This week has been a good week in the world of the Gaoler’s. We recently played at the Gala for the film ‘A bit of Tom Jones‘ on behalf of Get Tested (Hepatitis C charity). A bit surreal to say the least, but it turned out OK. Amy Studt was on just before and she was great, although the P.A wasn’t really as loud as it should have been for her. Twas good to see the Who’s Jack girls (Lu and Laura) again. I spotted the big bald guy from the post office adverts, Denise Welch and Doctor Sanchez (a.k.a Matt Berry, a.ka. best voice in the world) from Garth Marenghi’s Dark place. Before that we’d been to a ‘Urban Junkies’ party for Monkey Shoulder whiskey on the top floor of Centrepoint by Denmark St. It was pretty good in there and the whiskey was flowing, although we all felt a bit out of place what with us wearing our ‘we’re in a band and very poor’ outfits and everyone else wearing their finest suits. Thanks Ronnie for getting us in!

After the gig we went to Punk in Soho for a few drinks (thanks again Ronnie!). The music (it was skate rock/emo night apparently) made me remember my times down the Red Lion in Gravesend, being 15 and hiding cider in the bushes while watching some local band covering ‘what’s my age again?’. They were good times, and after one of these Medway flashbacks I found my self on the dancefloor, sadly doing the ‘rock’ sign with my hands.

Had another gig at the King’s Head Theatre Pub the other day too for Koukee Maloukes. It’s always fun there as it’s so relaxed and we get to play acoustic, which I always enjoy. It means we can try out new arrangements and songs in a chilled out environment. Peter Shreeves who runs the night is a top bloke and we’d gladly play there again. He was also telling me about his band (The Kubricks) having inadvertently written a possible world cup anthem, so watch this space. Also, Trigger from Only Fools and Horses was there! And Terry Gilliam, one of my favourite directors, artists/generally creative people. So this week has to be a solid 9/10 for celebrity spotting. Maybe i should write into heat magazine. Maybe not.

In other news, Steve Lamacq has been playing our E.P on his BBC shows more on BBC Radio 2 and 6, and yesterday I spoke to him over the phone. Just a little chat about who we are etc, and it’s nice to have someone like that liking our tunes. Something more may well come of it!

You can listen to the interview here: (it’s about 2hrs 15mins in…)

There’s some new photos up from the Babyshambles tour. They’re on our facebook and our Website, and they look pretty sweet. Thanks to Gary for doing those

Also, don’t forget to sign up to the mailing list to recieve your free track. If you do it today (before the 1st) you’ll get 2 free tracks, so it’s basically like your birthday or something.


Gaoler’s Daughter


Babyshambles Tour pt. 2

December 24, 2009

The Nottingham gig at Rock city was the last date we were playing on this particular tour. I’d heard a lot about the venue and couldn’t wait to get there. Again we got a confused as to where the venue actually was, and it didn’t help that it started snowing as we were peering out of the windscreen, looking for ‘Talbot Street’. After Ben asked in Starbucks for directions though, we found the venue.

All the staff there were really friendly. Although every time I walked past one of the crew, they seemed to be talking about Scalextrix. Namely the 1992 Nigel Mansell World Champion set. Slightly strange, but you’ve got to have hobbies and I’m sure it’s a great set to own, play and maintain.

We had catering provided here too! This amazed me and I ordered Cumberland sausage and lashings of diet coke as old Enid Blyton might say (no ginger beer I’m afraid)

 The gig was great too. The crowd were absolutely amazing, really up for listening to new music and I spotted a few groups of people having a little boogie in the confines of the packed Rock City venue. We were worried about playing some of the slower songs, mainly From Russia With Love, because the instinct is to play a support set full high energy tunes to get the crowd pumped up ready for the main act. However, i think the gamble to play it payed off as it was one of the best recieved songs of the night, and showed the crowd a different side to us as a band (I’ll put the lyrics up soon, with a short explanation on the subject of the song). Nottingham: Easily the best gig of the year for me, so major points to Nottingham, can’t wait to return!

After our set we hung around with the lovely guys from The Skuzzies, drinking our rider and exchanging stories. From what I could see of their set, it looked like they played a great gig too.

And all too soon, it was time to go home. We couldn’t stay to meet and talk to anyone which was a shame, but we needed to start the long trek back to London, and after saying our goodbyes to the ‘shambles and The Skuzzies and Crew, we piled into the our van and roared off (nearly taking a lamp-post with us. shhhh)

The inevitable service station stop off happened, which i would have been grateful for had they not been charging £4.50 for a BLT sandwich!!! That is ridiculous. I went hungry out of protest, found the crumbled remains of my custard creams in my bag and ate them on the way home. Getting into the van I split my trousers in a big way. This made getting home on the tube the next day rather a challenge without getting arrested for indecent exposure. Luckily I had a scarf which I could strategically place to avoid the police getting involved.

Anyway, so all in all, an amazing couple of days. And I know I speak for everyone when I say we can’t wait to hit the road again in 2010!


Gaoler’s x

Babyshambles tour pt.1

December 22, 2009

Hi there.

We’ve all just got back from an excellent weekend supporting Babyshambles on their UK tour, so we’re all a bit tired. Tired but happy.

We got there in this brilliant matt black Iveco van. It looked like a huge russian military vehicle, and although it didn’t have any heating (a slight inconvenience when there’s frost on the inside of the windscreen!) it endeared itself to us by getting us there in one piece. Didn’t have a radio either, but what’s wrong with a bit of conversation to pass the time?! There was a seat in the back which we all took turns sitting in. So….cold….so many guitars falling on you…..thank the lord for the sheepskin jacket Alfie found! You couldn’t really speak to anyone back there though. It was like looking through the wrong end of a telescope or falling into a well- muffled voices, headlights coming at you, and unearthly rattles from the driveshaft. In my stint i decided to drink beer and just text everyone in my contacts list. Passed the time i suppose, although i don’t think people were too impressed by me waking them up just to read “in jokess van on way hme nw lol”

Major thanks to Alex’s boss for letting us borrow the beast as well…

After some getting lost antics around Birmingham, we eventually arrived at the venue. The o2 Academy. It looked pretty huge with nobody in it, yet seemed strangely less imposing when more people started to arrive. Our dressing room was a bit Judy Garland, all lights, en suites and leather and we did a good job of clearing out the fridge!

The gig itself was fantastic. It’s so good to play to a packed crowd and the audience, although obviously there to see one band, were very responsive and we all came off thoroughly pleased with how it went. Gary took some amazing photos of the show and they’ll be up on this blog/in some format very soon. Mahood had all the smoke machines and lights directed at him and there’s some pictures of him looking very Bonnie Tyler. Well, everyone needs a look…

After the show we piled into a cab and persuaded the driver to put on our E.P, he seemed to like it. Apparently he gets all the Birmingham celebrities in his cab, so he said he’d mention us to them. Cheers cab driver! All about who you know you see…

Our hotel was the very plush Formule One. I hear they’re a continental company, and the interior design really showed this. Very stylish, contemporary and luxurious.

Of course not!!! It was a dive!!! But for £28 a night, you can’t go wrong.

Alfie had been told about a warehouse party at a place called the Custard Factory run by bobby barnes and bigger than barry, and they very kindly let us all in for free. Thanks! It was a great sprawling venue, jam-packed by the time we reluctantly left. They were playing some disgusting dubstep (that means good) and some classic drum and bass that certainly made me wanna put on my classics and let’s have a little dance shall we.

So the night was drawing its final breaths and we headed to the hotel for to rest our weary heads on what appeared to be a plastic pillow (I later found out this was the bag for the duvet, which explains why i didn’t have a duvet) and perhaps have some delicious pizza which we ordered in.

Lights off. Exeunt.

To be continued…

Gaoler’s x

Squid Rubberneckin’

December 7, 2009

Just watching BBC’s Life. It’s absolutely incredible to think these animals have evolved these crazy ways to survive and pass on their genes. Makes you look at humans in a different light-we have these elaborate social conventions, inventions and huge cities, and they’re all there for one thing-the same reason all animals do all things. 

On more trivial matters however, it makes me angry that our licence fee, which can be used to create genuinely groundbreaking programs such as ‘Life’, is all too frequently used to make utter, as my Nan would say, ‘Drivel’, like ‘Young Butcher of the Year’. I really couldn’t give a sausage if you can make a Viking longboat out of meat. You’re wasting your time, and mine. Yes, I did watch it, but only in the same way that people slow down on the motorway when there’s been a crash. And yes, I remember it well, but only in the way that the teacher always remembers the naughty kid’s name. 

Apologies for the rant. 

There’s some great photographs from our E.P launch, taken by Jacqui Sadler which you can view here. There’s also a couple of gigs coming up at the end of this week, which we’re really looking forward to. One in Limehouse, right next to where we recorded our E.P, and one in Tommy Flynn’s in Camden. More Details are on our website here

All seems to be moving along nicely at the moment, and we can’t wait for the Babyshambles support dates in Birmingham and Nottingham.

see you at a show soon



Blast off

December 3, 2009


So the E.P has finally been released! The launch went really well, we sold a lot of E.Ps and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Thanks so much to everyone who came down, it made it a great night.

Twas a strange venue though; it was at Puregroove Record Shop, but the records were on the stage and the main area was a bar/cafe. Although i couldn’t quite work it out, it seemed like a pretty pleasant place to just sit and chill and listen to some great tunes. Right opposite the meat market as well so there were lots of men clad in white with hardhats on shuffling around outside. Bit surreal really…

There are still some physical copies of the E.P left to buy, which you can get from our website, among other places.

In gig news we’ve just confirmed 2 dates as main support to Babyshambles on their UK tour @ Birmingham Acedemy and Nottingham Rock City, which we’re all really looking forward to. It will be great to play out of London and to big crowds too!

There’s a new issue of Who’s Jack magazine out now with my face on the cover and a four page interview with us inside. The photos inside are excellent, thanks guys.



Shambles and Babyshambles

November 16, 2009

Hello there,

this week we played a couple of gigs. The first was in Spitalfields at a place called The Luxe. Twas an adventure in itself just getting to the gig! We were picked up from Camberwell by our friend Dave Ashby from Rum Shebeen (great band) after a quick rehearsal at Mahood’s flat. Then we drove to Dave’s to pick up a guitar amp, then onwards to Penge to collect a bass amp for Alfie. The van kept pulling over to the left but we thought nothing of it until we arrived in Penge, only to be told by a local man in beige and graduated tint glasses that we had a catastrophic puncture. So once more into the breach, we all piled into Dave’s Mum’s Fiat and off we set for Spitalfields. The gig itself was okay and it was good to see a few familiar faces, thanks guys!

The next day was much more straightforward. We were playing with Babyshambles at the Dirty South in Lewisham. It was an excellent gig, we played well and I managed to give away all of the Gaoler’s Daughter Badges I’d taken with me. If you want one yourself, get yourself to a gig and pester us! Had to un-invite people though as the gig was completely sold out the day before, so sorry if you didn’t get in. The guys in Babyshambles played a blinder, as did The Thirst, who we’ve always thought were excellent. Afterwards I had to drive back to Brighton for Uni the next day with my Sister, and so felt it only fair to buy chicken from my favourite chicken shop; Amir’s Fried Chicken in New Cross (once i only had 75p, i was drunk and tired and hungry and gave him the ‘I need chicken’ eyes, and he gave me chips and 5 hot wings! This is one of my best chicken based anecdotes)

Anyways, E.P is only a couple of weeks away from release so that’s very exciting. The second E.P is in the pipeline, having already been recorded, and yesterday sent away for mastering. So it’s all moving along nicely!

see you soon

Gaolers Daughter x