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Helter Skelter/Gambling Problem

July 29, 2010


Just sitting in King’s Cross Mcdonalds listening to Tom Waits, making full use of their free wi-fi, and it seemed like a good time to write a blog. We’re playing tonight at the Hoxton Pony for the launch of of this new thing called ‘Hoxton Live Sessions‘ which sounds quite interesting. Our track ‘Sun Coming Up’ features on their first podcast too.

Having seen and wanted to go on the helter-skelter near the strummerville stage at secret garden party, i decided to go on the one at the end of Brighton pier. It was only a pound, and although fairly underwhelming, i still had enough change to go and rinse on the 10p machines. My logic was that the 10p machines would make me more money than the 2p ones. On reflection they both will lose you considerable amounts of money as you sweat, bang the glass, set the alarm off, think about robbing children, and become fully engulfed in a gambling mania that can only end when, having checked all pockets in a panic, you realize you’ve run out of change.

In other news we’re looking to make a video any time soon, so watch out for that! On Saturday 29th, I’m playing two, that’s right, two, solo gigs-one in Bar Mondo in Dartford, and the other in Command House, Chatham. If you’re local to any of these it would be great to see you at one!

Anyway, back to Rain Dogs. “independent as a hog on ice…”


Scheming, Planning, Making Lists.

March 1, 2010


Have had a pretty good week. On wednesday i went to see Fionn Regan at Komedia in Brighton. He played a brilliant set, with his new songs going down very well indeed. He didn’t speak much (last time the highlight for me was his strange, but humourous ramblings at the mic), perhaps he’s doing the whole Bob Dylan cool and moody thing. Still was a fantastic night, although the less said about me and my friends’ ‘afterparty’ the better.

Thursday was a blur, Friday, as ben mentioned in his blog earlier, we went to stringfellows. Not quite sure how/why they let me in. I was wearing Reebok workouts (good shoes, but really?) and a jumper with red wine all down the left sleeve. Saturday we played a set for Nick who runs bar mondo in Dartford. Twas a strange one, with the crowd only getting into it towards the end. Perhaps we should have played around with the order of the set a bit more. But, we all enjoyed ourselves and the entertainment afterwards was superb. Burlesque dancers, a guy with a ball, and jugglers, amongst others. There should be some videos creeping onto Youtube from this, so i’ll post the link when I can. Happy Birthday Nick!

Heard they’re going to get rid of BBC 6 music…if this happens, it’ll be a massive shame. Not just because they’ve played us a few times, but because it truly is the best radio station out there at the moment. Credible whilst still being entertaining. If it’s to do with funding, then can’t they just get rid of BBC 3? It’s utter drivel for the most part, or at least decommission ‘Coming of Age’, which is everything that’s wrong with the world in one programme.

In other news, come to this:

I’ll Buy You a Drink With My Vouchers

February 15, 2010


I know it seems a long way off when you have to scrape the ice off your car, and choose ‘sensible’ footwear, but summer, technically, isn’t that far off. Couldn’t come soon enough in my opinion. Perhaps being born in May makes summer all the more appealing, and you can’t beat a good old fashioned English summer.

Perhaps i’m looking forward to the festival season too. Yes i suppose I am. We’re going to try and hit as many festivals as we can this year, and i cannot wait. So if you’re at a festival this summer, have a look at the bill and if we’re on, come and watch us!

We’ve been writing some new tunes recently and have a couple of new ones nearly ready to play live. One is called ‘Everything is Blue’ and, rather fittingly in this blog, is my tribute to the first signs of spring, and the way that everyone seems to get even more attractive in the sun. Perhaps some girls are solar-powered. The other is called ‘Famous Green Dress’. It’s about romance, or a lack of it, in the passenger seat of a Fiat Uno. Watch out for these, as they’re sounding great and we’re really looking forward to you hearing them.

The second E.P is nearly ready for mastering, so it’ll be out around May-time. It’s a little more upbeat that our first E.P, yet still just as diverse and we’re all really excited about it’s release. It’s a step up, and shows our development as a band, even in this short period.

There’s still some copies of our debut E.P left. Recently it’s been getting a fair bit of attention on BBC radio so there’s still plenty of life left in it, even though they’re nearly all gone! So get one now if you haven’t already.

For Kent dwellers, our next show is at Bar Mondo in Dartford, and should be a cracker. Our next London show is at 229 Great Portland Street, and we’d love to see you all there to pack the place out and have a super time.

Good bye for now
Gaolers Daughter

Carnival in Dartford?

October 18, 2009

Hello there,

Having just played a really enjoyable set in wonderful Dartford town centre (Bar Mondo), I feel an update coming on…

First of all there was some kind of carnival going on in the high street. Just thought i’d mention that.

The gig went really well for our first venture into Kent. A few old faces turned up from my old school (which was but a mile down the road) as well as some of my closest friends, and some new faces. Thanks guys, even the ones who turned up after our set!┬áIt was a shame we couldn’t play later (last trains an’ all) as it started to get well sardine after our set- but it was still busy and sweaty when we got to the stage, making for a great gig. Thanks to the guitarist from Standing On Giants for letting me borrow (indefinitely) one of his guitar strings; I owe you one!

I ended up staying until the bitter end and watched a brilliant fight unfold, involving toilet queues and incontinence, and drinking copious amounts of diet coke, as I somehow became the designated driver for all the purple-lipped red wine drinkers.

Just heard that our E.P artwork and limited edition C.Ds are being printed as I type, so I can’t wait to actually hold one in my hand as soon as I can!

That’s about it really-Go and have a butchers at our website too for gig listings, and don’t forget to sign up to the mailing list to recieve your free track

Tonight I had a wonderful Roast and then watched the Grand Prix. Nice one Jenson!


Gaolers x