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Runs in Blood Down Palace Walls

February 12, 2010

We played a chilled out acoustic gig last night for Adam Masterson‘s new acoustic night, ‘The Gold Bug Club’ at The Boogaloo in Highgate. I (John) was feeling pretty tired so was glad of the sit-down! Met up with a producer (Paul Tippler) who we’re hoping to record with in the future. He’s recorded some great bands including this lot:

Finally got most of my uni work done this week, so have felt like a free agent. Not much else to do around where I live, so I’ve taken to going to Bluewater shopping centre, primarily just to people watch. You get some amazing people in there. There’s the good-looking trendy people with their perfectly ripped jeans, exquisitely ‘messy’ hair and their luminous girlfriends, the stereotypical John Lewis customers with their trench coats and shiny shoes, the obligatory chavs in groups of twenty to thirty that you walk past with your head down…

There was a massive queue outside the surfer type shop ‘Hollister’, which for some reason, angered me. I think I made my disdain known in my facial expressions, and the fact that I was taking photos as i walked past. If I can work out how to get photos on here from my phone I’ll put them up. It’s not even good in there; it’s so dark you don’t know what colour the clothes are that you’re buying, and it’s done up to look like a surf-shack out of something like 90210. But it just looks a bit ropey to me. Maybe that’s why it’s so dark in there…

Here’s a pretty good video of Bob Dylan singing at the White House the other day. He’s still got it – still tells it how it is…

There’s still some physical copies (not many) left of our debut E.P available for £3, and if you haven’t got one, get one! Cheesy grin, sparkling tooth, wink.

Check out our myspace for our next few gigs. We have one at 229 Great Portland St. for Rocklands which should be great. It’s a big venue so come along and help make it a top night! The facebook invite is here.

The word ‘visionary’ is all too often used and reminds me of Garth Marenghi somewhat (“author, dream weaver, visionary, plus actor”) but William Blake truly is one. Aside from his incredibly complex yet entertaining poetry, he was involved in nearly every creative endeavour around. He used to print his own poems, engrave, paint, and incite the odd riot. Here’s an incredible painting by Blake that could easily have been painted yesterday. I like it:

Au revoir,




Small Hours

September 4, 2009

Hallo again,

Well, a few days ago we finished recording our second E.P for 360 degree music (yes i know the first one hasn’t been released yet: we are hardcore) and it’s sounding really good. Of the three tracks we’ve recorded, they are:

An untitled instrumental (a the moment)-really dark and with a driving beat behind it- om in ous

(I’ll meet you on) The Other Side Of The World-A few country infusions and about as romantic lyrically as we get, focusing primarily on madness and pyromania.

Sun Coming Up-The most ‘poppy’ of  the three I suppose, with jangly verses and a catchy chorus. One of my favourites with some surreal imagery. Isaac Newton features in this party, but don’t worry, he was invited.

Our next gig isn’t until the 26th in sunny Brighton!  Can’t wait for that one, as it’s only a few minutes down the road from where i live at University. If you’re around the brighton area, come and see us, more details are on our myspace. We’ve been off for a while because alfie has been ill, but he should be out of hospital soon thankfully, so get well soon Alfie!

Now i’d heard of John Martyn when he was alive, as he moved in the same circles as Nick Drake and Fairport Convention et al, yet regrettfully, i only got into his music since his death early this year. In my opinion he was one of the most overlooked musicians of his time, perhaps due to him being so hard to pin down into one particular genre. His early stuff was pretty much traditional 60’s folk but in the mid 70’s he started experimenting with echoplexs, vocal techniques, and quite simply some of the best guitar playing i’ve ever heard. He could switch in an instant from heartfelt ballads, to humourous ditties, to jazz improvisation, making his live shows an unpredicatable yet exciting affair (although sadly i never got to see him in the flesh). So if you haven’t checked him out yet you should, although beware of your wallet- he has written a lot of albums!

This week i mostly have been:

Making boiled eggs

Trying to read the endings of books i never quite finished

Walking around in circles in Bluewater for hours, trying to find the music shop, only to realize it closed down months ago

Thinking of ingenious ways to make money ( i have invented some things that may revolutionize life as we know it, but i can’t give too much away due to patents etc. All i can say is: Engines + rollerskates…

take care

Gaoler’s  Daughter x