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Sharabang Tour Day 1: Brighton

June 2, 2010

Hello, I had just finished writing this blog when my computer crashed, slightly frustrating, so I’ll be brief!

The first day of the ‘Sharabang’ tour kicked off in Brighton, at my favourite venue there, Concorde 2. I have seen loads of bands there and have always wanted to play there, so I was happy just to be on stage. Loads of smoke machines and lights, the two main things to make a good gig.

The Saudis were excellent, playing a really energetic set, as was Nat Jenkins, who played a full band show. Our label-mates The Supernovas managed really well too, considering they had no drummer!

After checking into the hotel, we went to The Pavillion Tavern, normally a really great pub, but that night it was just far too metal! I know I sound like my Dad, but the music they were playing was just noise. Sorry to drag people there!

We ended up on the beach having met up with nearly everyone who played earlier. We all sat round a fire and it was really great getting to know people on the tour. It was starting to get light after I’d finished up my Lambrini, so me and my friend Andy walked home, briefly sidetracked by trying to save an injured owl-and trying to fend off a man who said he’d break its neck as it’s the most “humane thing to do”. Just no.

Photo courtesy of Bradley Philip

Thanks so much to everyone who made it down and made it a really great night. Also to my housemate who I wrestled with on the beach.

Ciao, Gaoler’s x


The Lusty Spring

April 29, 2010

Brighton…the gig itself was very fun indeed, thanks so much to everybody who made it down. Ben and i weren’t feeling to great due to colds/over indulgences the night before, but we made it to the end of what turned out to be a really energetic set. The Hope, the venue, were rather tight fisted to say the least when it came to money so we won’t be playing there again. I went home straight away and pretty much passed out on the sofa. The rest of the boys ended up on Brighton beach, culminating in an involuntary all-nighter because a train didn’t turn up. So sore heads all round in the morning!

Rather more annoyingly, someone stole Alfie’s bass and Mahood’s pedal bags from right under my nose. Still not sure how it happened, but if you see for sale in some pawn shop in brighton:
A 70’s Guild Bass, Brown with black scratchplate
A pedal bag with a Big Muff, Ehx Reverb Pedal and Boss Distortion pedal.

Let us know! A long shot, but we’re desperate.

The next day I did an acoustic set at R-Bar in Brighton with Natalie Evans. She was great as usual, although the crowd were rather rude for both of us. Generally not interested, with their backs to us. Not really known as a music venue, so it was to be expected. Anyway i got my cashmoney and left sharpish to get an Italian. Amazing. 3 courses for £5.95! Brighton is the place to go for italian, amongst other things. Not the best weekend we’ve ever had in Brighton, but still somehow worth it.

Next update, coming shortly, will be about our 3 days in Urchin studios recording our next release. Basically, they’re sounding amazing. Definitely the best thing we’ve done so far.

This week i have mostly been listening to Beach House. Zebra has one of the best choruses i’ve heard in a while

adios, Gaoler’s x


March 26, 2010

Just finished a gig which was being filmed for Taken TV in Strongrooms, Shoreditch. Was a good one, and we got given drinks tokens for that Buffalo trace Bourbon whiskey which happens to be my favourite, so i was happy. The video from the night should be up on youtube soon and i’ll post a link on here when it’s available.

I’ve added a couple of solo acoustic shows, one in Gravesend and one in Brighton, so if you’re around, come and have a watch-the details are on our myspace…

Festival wise we’ve just confirmed with two festivals:

Sellindge Festival

Lounge on the Farm

Both are really great festivals and i hope to see you all there!

Tomorrow Tom Williams (of the Boat) is playing just down the road from me in Brighton, so I’m off there and am looking forward to it. Went into snooper’s paradise in Brighton today. If you’ve never been before, go, because i can’t begin to explain how much i love that place-i could have bought everthing in there, but alas bought nothing as i am poor. Mind you there was a lovely barometer in there for £7 which i might go back for tomorrow if it’s still there. Yes i think i will. I’ll just go hungry for the rest of the week!

Gaoler’s Daughter


Scheming, Planning, Making Lists.

March 1, 2010


Have had a pretty good week. On wednesday i went to see Fionn Regan at Komedia in Brighton. He played a brilliant set, with his new songs going down very well indeed. He didn’t speak much (last time the highlight for me was his strange, but humourous ramblings at the mic), perhaps he’s doing the whole Bob Dylan cool and moody thing. Still was a fantastic night, although the less said about me and my friends’ ‘afterparty’ the better.

Thursday was a blur, Friday, as ben mentioned in his blog earlier, we went to stringfellows. Not quite sure how/why they let me in. I was wearing Reebok workouts (good shoes, but really?) and a jumper with red wine all down the left sleeve. Saturday we played a set for Nick who runs bar mondo in Dartford. Twas a strange one, with the crowd only getting into it towards the end. Perhaps we should have played around with the order of the set a bit more. But, we all enjoyed ourselves and the entertainment afterwards was superb. Burlesque dancers, a guy with a ball, and jugglers, amongst others. There should be some videos creeping onto Youtube from this, so i’ll post the link when I can. Happy Birthday Nick!

Heard they’re going to get rid of BBC 6 music…if this happens, it’ll be a massive shame. Not just because they’ve played us a few times, but because it truly is the best radio station out there at the moment. Credible whilst still being entertaining. If it’s to do with funding, then can’t they just get rid of BBC 3? It’s utter drivel for the most part, or at least decommission ‘Coming of Age’, which is everything that’s wrong with the world in one programme.

In other news, come to this:

Baaare Caramel Coins In The Bank

November 25, 2009

Yo yo yo!

Apart from the weather, I hope everyone has had a lovely day. Striding out along the Brighton seafront, with umbrellas and small children flying past like a scene from Genesis/ a Beyonce video really brought people together, as it always seems to. Many ‘I can’t believe the weather, can you?’ glances were exchanged before I gave it up as a bad job and went home for a cup of tea. Had a butcher’s in HMV before I went, and saw piles and piles of Susan Boyle’s face on her album cover staring out at me. I left soon after.

So yeah our E.P is finally nearly released! On the 1st December to be precise and we’re having a knees up to celebrate. There’s a facebook event created for it which you can view here for more details.

There’s a couple of articles written about us on various websites and blogs. Click on the links below if you fancy a read:

Also, you can pre-order our E.P here so you’ll get it as soon as it comes out at Puregroove

There’s a load of gigs lined up over the course of this next month in support of the E.P, so it would be great to see you at a show in the near future-this Friday we’re playing with our good friends Rum Shebeen with plenty of other great bands at the New Cross Inn. Looking forward to that one! Check our myspace for more gigs here…

I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas, gonna have to dig out my ‘Howard the Halifax Man Sings Classic Christmas Songs’ album. Never fails to get me in the mood. That and Quality street. Might have to just buy that Dylan Christmas album too, still can’t believe he’s made one-Respect.

Until next time…

Gaoler’s x

The Red Rag and The Enterprise

September 30, 2009


Well Brighton was much fun, thanks to everyone who came along, it was a top night. Twas very busy, very sweaty and very messy in the end.

I broke a string on the first song (what are the odds!?) but luckily Alfie’s old Larrikin Love band-mate Micko was on hand to change it for me, meaning there wasn’t too much shuffling of the set list. Speaking of the set-list, we played quite a few of the old songs from our first and second recording sessions at Platts Eyot. They went down well, as did the couple of new songs we played. Can’t wait to get the brand new songs out there live as well! Was great to see a few familiar faces from London too, with Nick from the most excellent band Fiction, amongst others, turning up.

Ben shot from the stage to the station like a thoroughbred to get the last train home like the true pro he is. I ended up on the beach, standing on a large box with stones in my trousers. Feeling like pebbledash, a few friends and I went to a party in Kemp Town; I took my wonderful bike (hercules-he’s a fold-up one) and my friend took a scooter. I love riding around Brighton late at night; I’m all swervy and speedy with two fingers up to lane discipline. Highway code? Never heard of it officer. We were there in no time. Warp Speed. Not sure where Alex and Alfie went but i heard Alfie woke up with Lambrini all over his face, so it must have been a good night. Lambrini boys just want to have fun…

It was the Labour party conference this weekend as well in sunny Brighton. It was a mild annoyance, yet somewhat heartening to see a gaggle of protesters shouting about something, with customary placards and thermos flasks in hand, outside the two 5 star hotels that had been commandeered by suits. Although I doubt they could hear them over the bubbling of their jazuzzis inside. I am evidently in the wrong line of work.

A good weekend in all, and one I hope we can repeat soon!

take care

Gaolers x

BRIGHTON! just one more sleep……

September 25, 2009

So, I thought I’d jump on the blogging band-wagon and have go myself.

Hopefully you are all aware that we play The Hope in Brighton on Saturday (26th). It’s something we are all really looking forward to, Alfie and John are already there, that’s how eager they are! Expect an up-tempo set with a few lazy tunes to counter the up-tempo ones. We have chucked in a few oldies that we haven’t played in a while which we are looking forward to playing. So get down Brighton early for fish n’ chips, a few beers and to hang out. Make a mini-holiday of it as we are! We look forward to seeing you all.


Primary Boater.

September 23, 2009

Since signing to 360 degree music, things have been moving along nicely. We’ve got a new website with more tracks to listen to, pictures, links and some freebies for you lucky people!

You can view the website here:

Gaolers Daughter

A couple of gigs have been added to the calendar too:

1st October @ The King’s Head (Acton)

3rd December @ The Red Lion (Twickenham) a.k.a Filthy Mcnasties

and our first gig in Brighton is coming up this Saturday @ The Hope. Really looking forward to that one!

Creative juices have been flowing too, and we’ve been writing some really interesting songs in rehearsals. Two songs are nearly finished: One, a middle ages English folk tune with a Latin beat (if you can imagine it) and the other; a Smiths-esque danceable tune with some pretty deep lead guitar. Can’t wait to play them live and hear the reactions!

Anyways, the artwork is all done for the E.P, and we’re all on course for a November release for our debut. There will be a launch party to celebrate the release so keep your ears to the ground…

This week I have learned:

You can buy slush-puppy-like cider out of the taps in the Hermits Cave in Camberwell (‘Westons’)

The Horrors‘ new album is surprisingly good

Sunday Drivers do exist/are as bad as people say. Generally they have a wicker hat on the parcel shelf and boiled sweets in the glove-box.


Gaolers Daughter


Small Hours

September 4, 2009

Hallo again,

Well, a few days ago we finished recording our second E.P for 360 degree music (yes i know the first one hasn’t been released yet: we are hardcore) and it’s sounding really good. Of the three tracks we’ve recorded, they are:

An untitled instrumental (a the moment)-really dark and with a driving beat behind it- om in ous

(I’ll meet you on) The Other Side Of The World-A few country infusions and about as romantic lyrically as we get, focusing primarily on madness and pyromania.

Sun Coming Up-The most ‘poppy’ of  the three I suppose, with jangly verses and a catchy chorus. One of my favourites with some surreal imagery. Isaac Newton features in this party, but don’t worry, he was invited.

Our next gig isn’t until the 26th in sunny Brighton!  Can’t wait for that one, as it’s only a few minutes down the road from where i live at University. If you’re around the brighton area, come and see us, more details are on our myspace. We’ve been off for a while because alfie has been ill, but he should be out of hospital soon thankfully, so get well soon Alfie!

Now i’d heard of John Martyn when he was alive, as he moved in the same circles as Nick Drake and Fairport Convention et al, yet regrettfully, i only got into his music since his death early this year. In my opinion he was one of the most overlooked musicians of his time, perhaps due to him being so hard to pin down into one particular genre. His early stuff was pretty much traditional 60’s folk but in the mid 70’s he started experimenting with echoplexs, vocal techniques, and quite simply some of the best guitar playing i’ve ever heard. He could switch in an instant from heartfelt ballads, to humourous ditties, to jazz improvisation, making his live shows an unpredicatable yet exciting affair (although sadly i never got to see him in the flesh). So if you haven’t checked him out yet you should, although beware of your wallet- he has written a lot of albums!

This week i mostly have been:

Making boiled eggs

Trying to read the endings of books i never quite finished

Walking around in circles in Bluewater for hours, trying to find the music shop, only to realize it closed down months ago

Thinking of ingenious ways to make money ( i have invented some things that may revolutionize life as we know it, but i can’t give too much away due to patents etc. All i can say is: Engines + rollerskates…

take care

Gaoler’s  Daughter x