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Tap N Tin/Aliens

May 10, 2010

Surprisingly enjoyable set at the Tap n Tin the other night. Although i used to go there all the time, this was Gaoler’s Daughter’s first time in wonderful Chatham! We’d heard murmurings of discontent within the venue so had a feeling it was going to be a fairly quiet one, but as it turned out, there was a good sized crowd there, and we all enjoyed ourselves. But, alas, we had to get back to London sharpish, so we got the money and ran…

In the car back to London, we came to the conclusion that spiders are in fact aliens. And we indulged ourselves by listening to our latest recordings, which i should add, are sounding pretty sweet.

In other news, legendary DJ Dave Cash played a song from our soon to be released E.P on his BBC Kent show. We’re often played on the BBC Introducing show there, and it was great to get some airplay on a show aimed at a different audience! It was ‘Meet You On The Other Side of The World’- he played it during his country hour and it seemed to fit right in there with it’s country-esque drums and bass…thanks Dave! You can pre-order our brand new E.P Alchemy, with that track on it from here.

I’m loving Pentangle at the moment, they’ve been helping me through my dissertation, which is an uphill struggle at the moment, for that i thank you, Pentangle.

Another update coming soon…

gaoler’s X


January 2, 2010

So, Happy New Year and all that. We hope you had a good one?

Alex and Ben started the night DJing at The Flowerpot in Kentish Town for Ronnie’s ‘Ronkiepop’ NYE party. Alex played a masterful set of breaks and beats using vinyl before Ben played some more ‘cheesy’ tunes for the ladies. We had a great time there seeing in the New Year before moving on to KOKO. We cleared out what was left in the dressing rooms there before moving on to various warehouse parties, house parties and then healthy breakfast of Jägermeister red wine….

Hopefully, you all had a similarly messy evening.

Our first gig of the New Year is back at The Flowerpot next week on 8th January. It’ll be a free entry gig so come down.

Happy New Year,

Gaolers X

Back In The Game

August 4, 2009


After a month off from gigging, we’re finally back in the game, playing a really enjoyable set at the New Cross Inn. Twas a good night, filled with familiar faces and our favourite bands; cherry-picked to play by us!

Chinese Fireworks company played an energy filled set first, shot with machine-gun drumming and biting, witty lyrics from their charismatic frontman. Top guys reppin’ north kent!

Fiction were up next and really got the crowd excited with their call and response type songs, throwing in some slick melodies that creep up on you all unexpected like.

After a set from us…which i can assure you was a blinder, it was Is Tropical‘s turn. They rounded off the night in a typically party-like fashion, and played Seasick Mutiny which was featured on this week (and is a tune). These boys are one of my favourite live bands around, and may even be better than the band they spawned from: Ratty Rat Rat.

DJ Sunny Wray got people grooving after the bands, playing some downright disgustingly dirty dubstep, with some dnb in there for good measure. This made sure everyone went home with smiles on their faces, making for a top night all in all!

Roll on the next one!

gaolers x