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Imagination dead Imagine

December 5, 2009


Just come back from a gig at 12bar in Denmark street. It’s a great venue, always a good feeling in their and always busy. There’s an upper tier that’s easy to forget about on stage as all you can really see are people’s feet, but it gives it the feel of an Old Shakespearian theatre; less Romeo and Juliet, more Sid and Nancy. There’s a big old picture of Albert Einstein that stares down at you when you’re onstage. No-one other than the people on stage can see it and it’s a bit unsettling. He’s got a look in his eyes that says, ‘…well?’ Alright, Albert, I haven’t dicsovered the theory of pretty much everything that ties the universe together, but I’m trying man give me a break. I only came to sing a few songs…

It’s always a bit galling walking down Denmark Street with all those beautiful guitars in the windows, staring out at you saying, ‘take me home’. One day, one day…

We played at the Red Lion (Filthy Mcnasties) on thursday which was also very fun, thanks to everyone who came and watched. I think Ken with the beard was there again bustin’ some moves…he’s brilliant. Kid Champion played just before us and were very  good; really together as a band.

Well it’s nearly Christmas so i had better go and eat some more of the Quality Street I had saved. I’m down to the coconut ones. Dark times…




Let’s Consult My Beard

August 21, 2009


After a couple of weeks of frequent gigging, it’s time for another update. Last night we played in alfie’s old stomping ground, twickenham (The Red Lion a.k.a Filthy Mcnasties) and although the journey home was it was worth it. Our show went without a hitch save for a dodgy 9volt battery (the tongue tinglers as i like to call them) and the impenetrable spiderwebfortress of guitar leads that restricted movement somewhat. There were some excellent characters there too, including a man called ken (We’d been told about him earlier; he’s somewhat a local celebrity) with a fantastic beard who danced gazelle-graceful throughout our set.

Rum Shebeen played just before us and were on top form, with Dave Ashby neglecting his guitar in favour of a rainstick and some splendid dance moves (i think i might even have seen a moonwalk).

Earlier in the week we played The Macbeth with Babe Shadow, a band we also played with in Stoke Newington last week, and just get better and better everytime we see them. Some really haunting melodies,  and stunning outside-the-box guitar work.

On the business side of things, 360 have just finished drawing up the final draft of the contract, and all our pens are poised ready to sign it as soon as we can.

And with the ink still glistening on the page, we’ll head into the studio to finish off recording the second E.P at Alchemea Studios, after the drums and bass were recorded last week (and are sounding sweeet!).

See you soon,

Gaolers daughter x