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Old Blue Arthur

March 11, 2010

Had a great night on tuesday in Shoreditch, supporting Tom Williams and the boat at their launch party for their debut single, ‘Concentrate’. They were so tight and got a great reaction from the crowd, who were all out in force to support him. We played afterwards and, it seemed, made a few fans as there was some pretty good dancing going down.

Went to a fantastic studio space/warehouse right next to the Old Blue Last after soundcheck. It’s run by ‘Arthur and Albert‘ and they’ve got some interesting things planned for the space, including magazines amongst other things. They’ve a lovely dog there called ‘Blossom’ too.

Never considered Shoreditch much of a Chicken shop kind of place, but there’s one right by Old Street station that was five star. Recommended.

Jacqui Sadler has some great photos up on her flickr page. There’s some of us at Folkestone Quarterhouse, and at the Old Blue Last for Tom’s single launch. Go and check them out if you fancy a look…

Gaoler’s x