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Tony Partridge

April 9, 2010


The gig at Proud Galleries went really well the other night. A strange mix of people, which i guess is to be expected in Camden on a Friday night, but we had a few people dancing down the front which was good to see. Is tropical played a blinder too. Love that song of their’s called ‘I think we’re alone’-sounds like i’ve know it all my life! Ended up in Punk in soho with one third of them and a few others: very drunk indeed. Thought i’d lost my wallet, which wouldn’t have been the first time. Got angry. Found it again. Was happy.

Just finished watching 24hour Party People. I’d been told i should see it and hadn’t had a chance to, but i recorded it when it was on the other night. It’s actually really good and i recommend it. Steve Coogan is great as Tony Wilson, although he pretty much plays Alan Partridge with longer hair. And there’s nothing wrong in that.

Just about to buy my tickets for the Hop Farm festival in Kent. It’s not far from where i live and therefore would be blasphemous not go, especially seeing a s a certain Mr B.Dylan happens to be playing! Can’t say no really…see you there?

There’s been a few more shows added to our calendar, so head on over to our myspace for more details. Tomorrow night should be good as we’re playing at the Scala for the Game launch night.


Gaoler’s x