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Babyshambles tour pt.1

December 22, 2009

Hi there.

We’ve all just got back from an excellent weekend supporting Babyshambles on their UK tour, so we’re all a bit tired. Tired but happy.

We got there in this brilliant matt black Iveco van. It looked like a huge russian military vehicle, and although it didn’t have any heating (a slight inconvenience when there’s frost on the inside of the windscreen!) it endeared itself to us by getting us there in one piece. Didn’t have a radio either, but what’s wrong with a bit of conversation to pass the time?! There was a seat in the back which we all took turns sitting in. So….cold….so many guitars falling on you…..thank the lord for the sheepskin jacket Alfie found! You couldn’t really speak to anyone back there though. It was like looking through the wrong end of a telescope or falling into a well- muffled voices, headlights coming at you, and unearthly rattles from the driveshaft. In my stint i decided to drink beer and just text everyone in my contacts list. Passed the time i suppose, although i don’t think people were too impressed by me waking them up just to read “in jokess van on way hme nw lol”

Major thanks to Alex’s boss for letting us borrow the beast as well…

After some getting lost antics around Birmingham, we eventually arrived at the venue. The o2 Academy. It looked pretty huge with nobody in it, yet seemed strangely less imposing when more people started to arrive. Our dressing room was a bit Judy Garland, all lights, en suites and leather and we did a good job of clearing out the fridge!

The gig itself was fantastic. It’s so good to play to a packed crowd and the audience, although obviously there to see one band, were very responsive and we all came off thoroughly pleased with how it went. Gary took some amazing photos of the show and they’ll be up on this blog/in some format very soon. Mahood had all the smoke machines and lights directed at him and there’s some pictures of him looking very Bonnie Tyler. Well, everyone needs a look…

After the show we piled into a cab and persuaded the driver to put on our E.P, he seemed to like it. Apparently he gets all the Birmingham celebrities in his cab, so he said he’d mention us to them. Cheers cab driver! All about who you know you see…

Our hotel was the very plush Formule One. I hear they’re a continental company, and the interior design really showed this. Very stylish, contemporary and luxurious.

Of course not!!! It was a dive!!! But for £28 a night, you can’t go wrong.

Alfie had been told about a warehouse party at a place called the Custard Factory run by bobby barnes and bigger than barry, and they very kindly let us all in for free. Thanks! It was a great sprawling venue, jam-packed by the time we reluctantly left. They were playing some disgusting dubstep (that means good) and some classic drum and bass that certainly made me wanna put on my classics and let’s have a little dance shall we.

So the night was drawing its final breaths and we headed to the hotel for to rest our weary heads on what appeared to be a plastic pillow (I later found out this was the bag for the duvet, which explains why i didn’t have a duvet) and perhaps have some delicious pizza which we ordered in.

Lights off. Exeunt.

To be continued…

Gaoler’s x


Imagination dead Imagine

December 5, 2009


Just come back from a gig at 12bar in Denmark street. It’s a great venue, always a good feeling in their and always busy. There’s an upper tier that’s easy to forget about on stage as all you can really see are people’s feet, but it gives it the feel of an Old Shakespearian theatre; less Romeo and Juliet, more Sid and Nancy. There’s a big old picture of Albert Einstein that stares down at you when you’re onstage. No-one other than the people on stage can see it and it’s a bit unsettling. He’s got a look in his eyes that says, ‘…well?’ Alright, Albert, I haven’t dicsovered the theory of pretty much everything that ties the universe together, but I’m trying man give me a break. I only came to sing a few songs…

It’s always a bit galling walking down Denmark Street with all those beautiful guitars in the windows, staring out at you saying, ‘take me home’. One day, one day…

We played at the Red Lion (Filthy Mcnasties) on thursday which was also very fun, thanks to everyone who came and watched. I think Ken with the beard was there again bustin’ some moves…he’s brilliant. Kid Champion played just before us and were very  good; really together as a band.

Well it’s nearly Christmas so i had better go and eat some more of the Quality Street I had saved. I’m down to the coconut ones. Dark times…