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Anyone (lyrics)

April 12, 2010

Here are the lyrics for an old song, possibly soon to be revisited in our next recordings…


As far as love is concerned,
blood will always win
over petty pleasures of the flesh
and a Devil’s lust for skin.

Words are footsteps on the moon;
written in our bones,
but fast-flowing rivers leave no
sharp-edged stones.

If you ever needed anyone,
I’ll be there just as soon
as I’ve finished what I’m doing.

I’d like to call you up,
but I know you’re very busy,
and I’d like to see you more,
but I don’t want to drag you with me.

Isabella, sleep with Angelo
and save me from my grave,
I’ve still got some of that fire left;
there’s still enough of me left to save.

sterry x