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Lear Jets/pez

November 6, 2009

What a productive couple of days we’ve had in Gaoler’s land!

On wednesday we completed the recording for our second E.P at Urchin studios, after a session with Andrew at Alchemea a couple of months back. The tracks are sounding really exciting and we can’t wait for the finishing touches to be made to them so that you can hear them in all their glory. Matt and Dan who work at urchin are really great to work with, always brimming with enthusiasm that rubs off on everyone in the room, always making for a splendid session. The mixing was done later in the day so we had to find a way to kill a couple of hours. We chose to spend it in a community centre/library/cafe-twas a strange place, yet one we felt drawn to even last time we were up these endz. After copious amounts of tea and coffee (what’s the deal with not getting a biscuit with your tea, yet you get one with your coffee? Surely this is wrong. What are we tea drinkers supposed to use to when we fancy a dip? I smell a revolution in the air), and after seriously considering the 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle to carve away at those stubborn minutes, we were back in the studio, tying up all the loose ends in the mixing.

And then it was time for bed…

For we had another early start the next morn. This is getting like an actual job!  A fun one though…

We had a photoshoot booked with Who’s Jack magazine, a lovely bunch of people who’d organised a shoot in a Private jet in Stanstead! It was nice to see how the other half live-the reception area was filled with Diet Coke and fruits and mints and pretty amazing magazines selling cars as much as houses and jackets as much as expensive stuff. Although the high vis vests slightly detracted from the glamour, it was all a lot of fun and we got some great shots of us in the plane looking well gangstar…After the shoot we drove to a quaint old thatched pub and did the interview with the Who’s Jack guys. The magazine with our lovely faces in will be out in December….

Adios Amigos

Gaoler’s Daughter