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Sharabang Tour Day 1: Brighton

June 2, 2010

Hello, I had just finished writing this blog when my computer crashed, slightly frustrating, so I’ll be brief!

The first day of the ‘Sharabang’ tour kicked off in Brighton, at my favourite venue there, Concorde 2. I have seen loads of bands there and have always wanted to play there, so I was happy just to be on stage. Loads of smoke machines and lights, the two main things to make a good gig.

The Saudis were excellent, playing a really energetic set, as was Nat Jenkins, who played a full band show. Our label-mates The Supernovas managed really well too, considering they had no drummer!

After checking into the hotel, we went to The Pavillion Tavern, normally a really great pub, but that night it was just far too metal! I know I sound like my Dad, but the music they were playing was just noise. Sorry to drag people there!

We ended up on the beach having met up with nearly everyone who played earlier. We all sat round a fire and it was really great getting to know people on the tour. It was starting to get light after I’d finished up my Lambrini, so me and my friend Andy walked home, briefly sidetracked by trying to save an injured owl-and trying to fend off a man who said he’d break its neck as it’s the most “humane thing to do”. Just no.

Photo courtesy of Bradley Philip

Thanks so much to everyone who made it down and made it a really great night. Also to my housemate who I wrestled with on the beach.

Ciao, Gaoler’s x


The Red Rag and The Enterprise

September 30, 2009


Well Brighton was much fun, thanks to everyone who came along, it was a top night. Twas very busy, very sweaty and very messy in the end.

I broke a string on the first song (what are the odds!?) but luckily Alfie’s old Larrikin Love band-mate Micko was on hand to change it for me, meaning there wasn’t too much shuffling of the set list. Speaking of the set-list, we played quite a few of the old songs from our first and second recording sessions at Platts Eyot. They went down well, as did the couple of new songs we played. Can’t wait to get the brand new songs out there live as well! Was great to see a few familiar faces from London too, with Nick from the most excellent band Fiction, amongst others, turning up.

Ben shot from the stage to the station like a thoroughbred to get the last train home like the true pro he is. I ended up on the beach, standing on a large box with stones in my trousers. Feeling like pebbledash, a few friends and I went to a party in Kemp Town; I took my wonderful bike (hercules-he’s a fold-up one) and my friend took a scooter. I love riding around Brighton late at night; I’m all swervy and speedy with two fingers up to lane discipline. Highway code? Never heard of it officer. We were there in no time. Warp Speed. Not sure where Alex and Alfie went but i heard Alfie woke up with Lambrini all over his face, so it must have been a good night. Lambrini boys just want to have fun…

It was the Labour party conference this weekend as well in sunny Brighton. It was a mild annoyance, yet somewhat heartening to see a gaggle of protesters shouting about something, with customary placards and thermos flasks in hand, outside the two 5 star hotels that had been commandeered by suits. Although I doubt they could hear them over the bubbling of their jazuzzis inside. I am evidently in the wrong line of work.

A good weekend in all, and one I hope we can repeat soon!

take care

Gaolers x