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Lounge On The Farm

July 20, 2010

Hello there,

I feel an update is in order!

Lounge on the farm was fantastic, we ended up playing three sets-one on the sheep dip stage, where we were booked for, and two on the strummerville stage. The Sheep dip gig went well, apart from me breaking a string which meant we couldn’t play a couple of songs we wanted to. Crowd seemed to love it, even though it was a little early for people to be drunk to dance. The strummerville gigs went really well-thanks to trish and the gang for putting us on there. There was a really nice atmosphere over at the strummerville stage; so good that most of the people we knew spent the whole weekend there, sitting by the fire and getting up to general mischief.

The weekend was a succes for me apart from the last night where it started raining. I’d just finished watching fionn regan so had that fuzzy feeling. Just bought a cup of tea so now had that warm fuzzy feeling. I guess you could say i was happy. Then i got into my tent and it started monsooning it down. My tent didn’t have the outer sheet either (it’s a long story involving convectional evaporation, the wring types of pegs and mould. Big pieces of mould) so i got soaked. Miserable times guys…

But in the morning we went to morrisons for a nice fish and chips with the resident pensioners so it all worked out for the best.

Thanks to everyone who came to the Gig at Proud Galleries on the 15th. It was a really special gig and we all had a great time performing, even though we couldn’t see anything/body due to an overzealous smoke machine. Thanks also to Depot who played a ‘blinder’ and let us use all of their amps and drums and things.

Until next time

Gaoler’s X



April 18, 2010

Did a solo acoustic show in Gravesend (represent) on Thursday night. Was the first one I’d done in a while, but i’d blistered my fingers practicing so much that my set went without a hitch. Bit scared, but as soon as I started playing, i really enjoyed it. The set was mainly Gaoler’s songs and my own ones that we haven’t had a chance to play as a band yet. Twas good to see a load of old faces and the night was great fun, even though i was designated driver. The lime juice cordial was just divine.

There was a bit of a nightmare with P.A; I took my Dad’s old 80’s P.A which was basically rubbish and kept fuzzing after about 30 seconds. Luckily there was a guy there who managed to patch together some speakers he found, and a D.J amp unit, so the gig could go ahead.

Natalie Evans played first and was really good. Really pretty songs without being ‘twee’. Great guitar playing too. The packed crowd really loved it and she got a big cheer after every song.

Ela Caspian played after me and went down very well. Good melodies and cheekbones.

Not long now before our second E.P comes out on the 6th June! You can pre-order it here and get it a couple of days early…

Gaolers x

I’ll Buy You a Drink With My Vouchers

February 15, 2010


I know it seems a long way off when you have to scrape the ice off your car, and choose ‘sensible’ footwear, but summer, technically, isn’t that far off. Couldn’t come soon enough in my opinion. Perhaps being born in May makes summer all the more appealing, and you can’t beat a good old fashioned English summer.

Perhaps i’m looking forward to the festival season too. Yes i suppose I am. We’re going to try and hit as many festivals as we can this year, and i cannot wait. So if you’re at a festival this summer, have a look at the bill and if we’re on, come and watch us!

We’ve been writing some new tunes recently and have a couple of new ones nearly ready to play live. One is called ‘Everything is Blue’ and, rather fittingly in this blog, is my tribute to the first signs of spring, and the way that everyone seems to get even more attractive in the sun. Perhaps some girls are solar-powered. The other is called ‘Famous Green Dress’. It’s about romance, or a lack of it, in the passenger seat of a Fiat Uno. Watch out for these, as they’re sounding great and we’re really looking forward to you hearing them.

The second E.P is nearly ready for mastering, so it’ll be out around May-time. It’s a little more upbeat that our first E.P, yet still just as diverse and we’re all really excited about it’s release. It’s a step up, and shows our development as a band, even in this short period.

There’s still some copies of our debut E.P left. Recently it’s been getting a fair bit of attention on BBC radio so there’s still plenty of life left in it, even though they’re nearly all gone! So get one now if you haven’t already.

For Kent dwellers, our next show is at Bar Mondo in Dartford, and should be a cracker. Our next London show is at 229 Great Portland Street, and we’d love to see you all there to pack the place out and have a super time.

Good bye for now
Gaolers Daughter

Richard Fondue

January 19, 2010


Our gig for Stroll On at The Old Queen’s head went well the other day. It’s not my favourite venue to play though; I don’t believe in having chesterfields in a venue, because if people are as lazy as I know I am, they will sit on them. And they did, mainly. But we got a good reception and there was a fair sized crowd in there, so all in all a good night. Thanks to the guys from Dartford and the French girls (Pia, Julie etc..) who came, sorry we couldn’t chat afterwards, as well all had early trains to catch. Sunday service is rubbb… If you read this blog often you’ll know i seem to have rather longwinded journeys home. Luckily this time everything went smoothly, and i met the Tom, the singer in S.C.U.M. on the train, who shared his crisps. A thoroughly nice person indeed.

Well, it was a nice surprise to hear us being played on BBC6 Music the other day. Steve Lamaqc played our song ‘Jumbo Jet’ of our recently released E.P as the last song of his set. It’s great that Lamaqc actually listens and plays demos that get sent to him, as i’m sure he’s one of very few nowadays. Cheers Steve!

You can listen to it here.

It was good to see Alfie’s old bandmate from Larrikin Love, Micko, in NME this week, speaking with Courtney Love about their collaboration over her new album. Micko is currently mixing one of our tracks, ‘Boomerang Boy’, which is set to feature on our next E.P, out in a couple of months. There’s also talk of us going to New York to record with him, although nothing is set in stone. Would be nice to get out of London for a bit though…

If you sign up to our mailing list, you’ll still be able to claim your FREE track, ‘9 Pieces of Silk’, but now if you sign up you’ll get another free track on February 1st. It’s called ‘In a While Crocodile’. Plus you’ll be kept up to date with all our goings on and gigs etc…

There’s a good review of our gig at the Flowerpot here.

And there’s been a couple more gigs added to the myspace which you can see here.

Take care,

Gaoler’s Daughter

Blast off

December 3, 2009


So the E.P has finally been released! The launch went really well, we sold a lot of E.Ps and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Thanks so much to everyone who came down, it made it a great night.

Twas a strange venue though; it was at Puregroove Record Shop, but the records were on the stage and the main area was a bar/cafe. Although i couldn’t quite work it out, it seemed like a pretty pleasant place to just sit and chill and listen to some great tunes. Right opposite the meat market as well so there were lots of men clad in white with hardhats on shuffling around outside. Bit surreal really…

There are still some physical copies of the E.P left to buy, which you can get from our website, among other places.

In gig news we’ve just confirmed 2 dates as main support to Babyshambles on their UK tour @ Birmingham Acedemy and Nottingham Rock City, which we’re all really looking forward to. It will be great to play out of London and to big crowds too!

There’s a new issue of Who’s Jack magazine out now with my face on the cover and a four page interview with us inside. The photos inside are excellent, thanks guys.



Raining Cats and Dogs

November 29, 2009

Hello Hello Hello

On friday we played at a place we’re very familiar with-The New Cross Inn. We’ve rehersed there many a time and we always have fun when we’re there, whether it be playing or partying. Our set went well and we played a few songs from our upcoming E.P ‘The Only Way to Travel’ and some newer material due for release in the near future.

Alfie and I bought chicken just before the gig which is nearly always a good move. In Dixie Chicken they give you ketchup and mayonnaise in the same pot. Now, i know what you’re thinking…’this could get messy’….but it doesn’t! they arange it in such a way it looks like Yin and yang. Complementary opposites within a greater whole… 

Rum Shebeen were fantastic and just seem to get more entertaining the more I watch them. At one point a man dressed in a lion costume jumped up on stage-this was a particular highpoint!

The headlining band, The Entertainment, we’re great too, seeming to weld funk, rock and rap into a surprisingly palletable force.

After the gig we stayed at the ‘inn for a while then headed to a party in Camberwell which although wet was fun, until the council came and told everyone to ‘leave now’. So we did and we went back to Dave’s (singer in Rum Shebeen) flat. He had a really cool dog that did seem to divide opinion. I personally liked it, although it was heard to have been called ‘good looking rat’ and ‘rubbish cat’.

Looking forward to loads more gigs coming up in the next few weeks to support our debut release, ‘The Only way to travel E.P’. You can buy it from our website here, or on itunes, as well as many other places which i’m not sure of.

Also don’t forget our E.P launch, this friday at Puregroove Record Shop in Smithfield, London. Let’s make it a good one!


gaoler’s x

semi-automatic santa

November 18, 2009

Hello again, 

Not much to report since the last blog yesterday, but just thought I’d remind you that our debut E.P is available to pre-order now! You can get it from our website here, and it should also be up for pre sale on Puregroove’s website soon too.

The launch party for the E.P will be on the 1st December at Puregroove in London (Smithfield). Would be great to see you there! There are more details on their website.

We’re meeting up for a writing day in the next few days, so we should have some shiny new songs ready in time for our next load of gigs. We’ve got so many ideas at the moment, it’s really exciting and we can’t wait to play them live for you in the very near future…

Things i’ve learnt this week:

Drinking straight from bar taps, although fun, can result in a telling off/possible ejection from aforementioned bar. 

You can’t survive entirely on Quavers and Diet Coke (although Lord knows i’ve tried)

Bob Dylan just gets cooler with age. Check this out 

Gravity is not my friend. Bloody Isaac Newton….


Until next time 


gaoler’s x

Shambles and Babyshambles

November 16, 2009

Hello there,

this week we played a couple of gigs. The first was in Spitalfields at a place called The Luxe. Twas an adventure in itself just getting to the gig! We were picked up from Camberwell by our friend Dave Ashby from Rum Shebeen (great band) after a quick rehearsal at Mahood’s flat. Then we drove to Dave’s to pick up a guitar amp, then onwards to Penge to collect a bass amp for Alfie. The van kept pulling over to the left but we thought nothing of it until we arrived in Penge, only to be told by a local man in beige and graduated tint glasses that we had a catastrophic puncture. So once more into the breach, we all piled into Dave’s Mum’s Fiat and off we set for Spitalfields. The gig itself was okay and it was good to see a few familiar faces, thanks guys!

The next day was much more straightforward. We were playing with Babyshambles at the Dirty South in Lewisham. It was an excellent gig, we played well and I managed to give away all of the Gaoler’s Daughter Badges I’d taken with me. If you want one yourself, get yourself to a gig and pester us! Had to un-invite people though as the gig was completely sold out the day before, so sorry if you didn’t get in. The guys in Babyshambles played a blinder, as did The Thirst, who we’ve always thought were excellent. Afterwards I had to drive back to Brighton for Uni the next day with my Sister, and so felt it only fair to buy chicken from my favourite chicken shop; Amir’s Fried Chicken in New Cross (once i only had 75p, i was drunk and tired and hungry and gave him the ‘I need chicken’ eyes, and he gave me chips and 5 hot wings! This is one of my best chicken based anecdotes)

Anyways, E.P is only a couple of weeks away from release so that’s very exciting. The second E.P is in the pipeline, having already been recorded, and yesterday sent away for mastering. So it’s all moving along nicely!

see you soon

Gaolers Daughter x


November 7, 2009

Hi there!

So we’ve got some preview copies (exclusively for band members and Alfie’s Nan) of our debut E.P to have, hold and cherish finally. They look the part, and feature exclusive artwork by the one and only Alex Mahood. It’s a fantastic feeling to actually hold it, and know that this is our first foot on the musical ladder.

Also, we’ve got some wonderful new Gaoler’s Daughter logo badges. So if you see us at a gig, harass one of us and we might just give you one. It’s exciting to see things moving along at a good pace, and everything seems to be falling into place ready for our E.P release. It feels like only yesterday we were working on our first songs in the toilet factory in Elephant and Castle…Oh, how time flies.

The launch partaaay: It’s at Pure groove Record shop on the 1st of December; you’re all coming right? Good, I thought so, see you there!

There are more details, as ever, on our website, and our myspace. And don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list to receive your FREE track


Gaoler’s Daughter


Carnival in Dartford?

October 18, 2009

Hello there,

Having just played a really enjoyable set in wonderful Dartford town centre (Bar Mondo), I feel an update coming on…

First of all there was some kind of carnival going on in the high street. Just thought i’d mention that.

The gig went really well for our first venture into Kent. A few old faces turned up from my old school (which was but a mile down the road) as well as some of my closest friends, and some new faces. Thanks guys, even the ones who turned up after our set! It was a shame we couldn’t play later (last trains an’ all) as it started to get well sardine after our set- but it was still busy and sweaty when we got to the stage, making for a great gig. Thanks to the guitarist from Standing On Giants for letting me borrow (indefinitely) one of his guitar strings; I owe you one!

I ended up staying until the bitter end and watched a brilliant fight unfold, involving toilet queues and incontinence, and drinking copious amounts of diet coke, as I somehow became the designated driver for all the purple-lipped red wine drinkers.

Just heard that our E.P artwork and limited edition C.Ds are being printed as I type, so I can’t wait to actually hold one in my hand as soon as I can!

That’s about it really-Go and have a butchers at our website too for gig listings, and don’t forget to sign up to the mailing list to recieve your free track

Tonight I had a wonderful Roast and then watched the Grand Prix. Nice one Jenson!


Gaolers x