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Sharabang Tour: Liverpool

June 7, 2010


The ‘up north’ part of the Sharabang tour started in Liverpool, a city i’ve been to a few times. Twas a lovely day, and despite the early start, everyone seemed to be in good spirits on the bus. I don’t even want to think about how long it actually took to get there, needless to say, many service stations were visited. Many over-priced BLT sandwiches were bought.

The gig was good fun, although not as busy as we’d hoped. One of my best friends from school came down, as he lives in the city, so it was good to see a familiar face. After the gig we just drank quite a bit, as beer was so cheap. Ben went off to the club next door and drank a whole pitcher to himself, nice work.

We got a cab back to the travel lodge but the bed/person ratio was way out and i ended up on the floor with my trousers as a pillow. i woke up all full of ache, although alfie giving me his McMuffin eased this slightly. I’d never had one before, frankly because they look rotten, but they actually taste alright. relatively. Compared the their hash browns.

So that was liverpool.

If you are reading this today (7th June) then we have a gig at the Boogaloo in highgate tonight. It’s acoustic and there’s some good bands supporting, so worth a look i reckon!

Also, our E.P alchemy came out fully today!!! You can buy your copy here….

Take care

Gaoler’s Daughter!