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Helter Skelter/Gambling Problem

July 29, 2010


Just sitting in King’s Cross Mcdonalds listening to Tom Waits, making full use of their free wi-fi, and it seemed like a good time to write a blog. We’re playing tonight at the Hoxton Pony for the launch of of this new thing called ‘Hoxton Live Sessions‘ which sounds quite interesting. Our track ‘Sun Coming Up’ features on their first podcast too.

Having seen and wanted to go on the helter-skelter near the strummerville stage at secret garden party, i decided to go on the one at the end of Brighton pier. It was only a pound, and although fairly underwhelming, i still had enough change to go and rinse on the 10p machines. My logic was that the 10p machines would make me more money than the 2p ones. On reflection they both will lose you considerable amounts of money as you sweat, bang the glass, set the alarm off, think about robbing children, and become fully engulfed in a gambling mania that can only end when, having checked all pockets in a panic, you realize you’ve run out of change.

In other news we’re looking to make a video any time soon, so watch out for that! On Saturday 29th, I’m playing two, that’s right, two, solo gigs-one in Bar Mondo in Dartford, and the other in Command House, Chatham. If you’re local to any of these it would be great to see you at one!

Anyway, back to Rain Dogs. “independent as a hog on ice…”


Captain Flowerpot

January 9, 2010

Just got back from an excellent gig at the Flowerpot in Kentish Town. It’s always so much fun there and we’ve never had a bad gig. The guys who run it are so friendly making the entire place have a great party atmosphere. Plus the fact that you get pretty much unlimited free drinks helps as well. Thanks to everyone who came down, I know it was ridiculously cold, so major respect for leaving the house. Hope you had as much fun as we all did!

Ended up relenting to the temptation (i can resist everything but…) of fried chicken in the form of Chicken Palace just before we played. 1 piece chicken and chips for £1.50…you can’t go wrong ( I don’t work for them by the way, I just like to spread news of a good bargain) The gig itself was really fun, pretty busy by the time we got on stage and there were a couple of excellent dancers in the crowd. We love a dancer! I ended up using a 10p coin as a plectrum for the last couple of songs, Brian May styleee, and apart from momentary brain freeze on one song, the set went without hitch!

Getting home was E F F O R T however and I ended up in Charing X Mcdonalds, trying to escape from the relentless cold, with Nick Connett and Alex Gettinby (who run a great night in Dartford that we’re playing at soon). I heard that it was colder in England that night than at the South Pole! So technically we were all explorers; pushing the boundaries of human endeavor, battling howling winds, the whipping sheets of snow, trudging over the ice in my Reebok workouts, waiting for the N21 bus.

So, the first gig of the year is done-roll on the next one!

Gaoler’s Daughter x