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Imagination dead Imagine

December 5, 2009


Just come back from a gig at 12bar in Denmark street. It’s a great venue, always a good feeling in their and always busy. There’s an upper tier that’s easy to forget about on stage as all you can really see are people’s feet, but it gives it the feel of an Old Shakespearian theatre; less Romeo and Juliet, more Sid and Nancy. There’s a big old picture of Albert Einstein that stares down at you when you’re onstage. No-one other than the people on stage can see it and it’s a bit unsettling. He’s got a look in his eyes that says, ‘…well?’ Alright, Albert, I haven’t dicsovered the theory of pretty much everything that ties the universe together, but I’m trying man give me a break. I only came to sing a few songs…

It’s always a bit galling walking down Denmark Street with all those beautiful guitars in the windows, staring out at you saying, ‘take me home’. One day, one day…

We played at the Red Lion (Filthy Mcnasties) on thursday which was also very fun, thanks to everyone who came and watched. I think Ken with the beard was there again bustin’ some moves…he’s brilliant. Kid Champion played just before us and were very  good; really together as a band.

Well it’s nearly Christmas so i had better go and eat some more of the Quality Street I had saved. I’m down to the coconut ones. Dark times…




Baaare Caramel Coins In The Bank

November 25, 2009

Yo yo yo!

Apart from the weather, I hope everyone has had a lovely day. Striding out along the Brighton seafront, with umbrellas and small children flying past like a scene from Genesis/ a Beyonce video really brought people together, as it always seems to. Many ‘I can’t believe the weather, can you?’ glances were exchanged before I gave it up as a bad job and went home for a cup of tea. Had a butcher’s in HMV before I went, and saw piles and piles of Susan Boyle’s face on her album cover staring out at me. I left soon after.

So yeah our E.P is finally nearly released! On the 1st December to be precise and we’re having a knees up to celebrate. There’s a facebook event created for it which you can view here for more details.

There’s a couple of articles written about us on various websites and blogs. Click on the links below if you fancy a read:

Also, you can pre-order our E.P here so you’ll get it as soon as it comes out at Puregroove

There’s a load of gigs lined up over the course of this next month in support of the E.P, so it would be great to see you at a show in the near future-this Friday we’re playing with our good friends Rum Shebeen with plenty of other great bands at the New Cross Inn. Looking forward to that one! Check our myspace for more gigs here…

I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas, gonna have to dig out my ‘Howard the Halifax Man Sings Classic Christmas Songs’ album. Never fails to get me in the mood. That and Quality street. Might have to just buy that Dylan Christmas album too, still can’t believe he’s made one-Respect.

Until next time…

Gaoler’s x