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Richard Fondue

January 19, 2010


Our gig for Stroll On at The Old Queen’s head went well the other day. It’s not my favourite venue to play though; I don’t believe in having chesterfields in a venue, because if people are as lazy as I know I am, they will sit on them. And they did, mainly. But we got a good reception and there was a fair sized crowd in there, so all in all a good night. Thanks to the guys from Dartford and the French girls (Pia, Julie etc..) who came, sorry we couldn’t chat afterwards, as well all had early trains to catch. Sunday service is rubbb… If you read this blog often you’ll know i seem to have rather longwinded journeys home. Luckily this time everything went smoothly, and i met the Tom, the singer in S.C.U.M. on the train, who shared his crisps. A thoroughly nice person indeed.

Well, it was a nice surprise to hear us being played on BBC6 Music the other day. Steve Lamaqc played our song ‘Jumbo Jet’ of our recently released E.P as the last song of his set. It’s great that Lamaqc actually listens and plays demos that get sent to him, as i’m sure he’s one of very few nowadays. Cheers Steve!

You can listen to it here.

It was good to see Alfie’s old bandmate from Larrikin Love, Micko, in NME this week, speaking with Courtney Love about their collaboration over her new album. Micko is currently mixing one of our tracks, ‘Boomerang Boy’, which is set to feature on our next E.P, out in a couple of months. There’s also talk of us going to New York to record with him, although nothing is set in stone. Would be nice to get out of London for a bit though…

If you sign up to our mailing list, you’ll still be able to claim your FREE track, ‘9 Pieces of Silk’, but now if you sign up you’ll get another free track on February 1st. It’s called ‘In a While Crocodile’. Plus you’ll be kept up to date with all our goings on and gigs etc…

There’s a good review of our gig at the Flowerpot here.

And there’s been a couple more gigs added to the myspace which you can see here.

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