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Mr Bombastic

May 4, 2010

The gig at Tommy Flynn’s was excellent. It was always going to be busy, as it took place on Camden Crawl weekend in the heart of town. And busy it was…

The set went really well, we even threw in a brand new song called ‘Famous Green Dress’ which we’re all really loving at the moment, having recorded it for our third E.P.

Behold a Pale Horse played just before us and were excellent, this being the first time I’d seen them live.

It was my 21st birthday the next day so when the clock struck midnight, I was bombarded with Jagerbombs (someone’s got to drink them), and by ten past I was ready to party. Ended up in The Camden Head after Omar kindly got us in, which was a lovely place and then got a bus to Ben’s house in Palmer’s Green for more drinks. Had lots of fun there, mainly eating pizza and the standard putting on of songs you’re sure everyone needs to hear on Spotify.

To cut a long story short I woke up at mid-day, and had an hour to get back to Kent for my Birthday meal. Anyone who knows me knows I am not a cartographer, but even I knew that was impossible. So I managed to miss my own Birthday! O well, I had a fun night and managed to apologise my way out of it in the end.

Only a couple of weeks until Alchemy comes out! Be sure to pre-order your copy over here!

Gaoler’s x


Bus Geek

December 13, 2009

Yo yo yo,

I’m at home now recovering from two gigs on the trot, one in Limehouse for Monika Magazine, and one in Camden’s Tommy Flynn’s.

The Monika magazine christmas party was good fun all round, Ivan Ink and Pen set a dark reverb-washed ambience to the night playing bluesy solo guitar and really getting the crowd’s attention. We had a good gig, and it was nice to play just yards away from where we recorded our debut E.P! It was a great venue, and although the sound wasn’t great (solid concrete/solid walls/no carpet n all that) there were some beautiful objects in there that more than made up for it. A gramophone with inlaid butterflies, a selection of old lamps and mismatched thrones, littered around the place…

Yesterday we played at Tommy Flynn’s. I’d heard a lot about it but never actually been, and it didn”t disappoint. Exactly how a rock n roll pub/venue should be, with a stage that makes you wan’t to really perform. Can’t really explain why, but it does. I had major trouble with my mic stand surrendering spinelessly to gravity throughout the set though, and ended up hunching over, trying to sing all awkward and folded-up,  like some sort of scene from a twisted hall of mirrors. Everyone seemed up for a dance though and it was packed with new faces and some familiar ones too. One of the best gigs of the year in my opinion! Savants played a great one too, as did the Federals after us.

The way home was however, and was made even more annoying by a 20-something man, who can only be described as an uber-geek with a massive lack of self awareness and, probably, friends, standing next to me, moaning into his motorola to TFL about the fact that his bus didn’t turn up for an hour and a half. The poor person on the other end, probably not earning enough to care (bearing in mind this was 4 in the morning) deserves a medal for angelic patience.

The uber-geek continued…’I propose a system where all TFL employees have real-time computer updates as to the whereabouts of each individual bus…’ he wittered. ‘The infrastructure cannot and will not be difficult to set up: for example my pocket calculator here has more computing power than that of  the spacecraft on the apollo missions!’ O shut up! I am far from a violent man (I once saved a drowning ant from my garden pond) but i had some urges that, thankfully, i didn’t act upon, otherwise i would be carving this blog into the walls of a cell!

Anyway, this idiocy went on for around an hour, prompting me to think; if he’s spending that much money on his phonebill, why not get a cab and stop moaning?