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September 29, 2010

It’s been a while since we wrote one of these so there’s lots to talk about. Firstly, a hello is definitely in order. ‘Hello’.

Recently we left our label 360degreemusic. It was an amicable parting and we thanks them for all their help over the last 12 Months. We felt it would be better for everyone involved, as it allows them to concentrate on working with all the other great bands on their label and it allows us the freedom to scheduling our own releases, collect our own data / revenue and to continue to grow as a song-writing band. We haven’t ruled out looking for another label in the future but for now we’re happy going it alone.

In other news, we have a new agent! Bud at Radar Agency will be the man to contact for bookings from now on.

We’ll be releasing our next E.P ‘Rhyme and Treason’ on the 15th November (scheduled release date) as an unsigned band. It will be available on iTunes so dust off your wallets and buy it! It’s definitely our best set of songs/recordings so far and we’re all really proud of them. There will also be a few limited edition physical copies that will be available at our upcoming gigs and we want you to have them!

The recording of ‘Rhyme & Treason’ was funded with the help of our new friends Strummerville. They are an amazing charity run by some very special people. Visit their site and check out some of the amazing bands that have been helped by the charity.

We recorded this EP at Urchin Studios in Limehouse with our good friends Dan Cox & Matt Ingram who we worked with on our previous EPs. We can’t speak highly enough of these guys. We’ll be working with them again for sure.

Now you might have noticed we’ve been lying low on the gig front recently…Well, we’ve not been twiddling our thumbs. In fact quite the opposite. We’ve been busy writing loads of new songs. About 8 new ones and a couple of re-worked old ones and we’re all really excited about playing them live. “They got grooves yeh.”

So we’ve booked a few dates in London (more dates around the U.K TBA soon) which we’d love to see you at! So far there are:

23 Oct 2010

Bowery Electric (DJ set) New York.

1 Nov 2010

Bull & Gate Kentish Town, London.

3 Nov 2010

Buffalo Bar Highbury & Islington, London.

7 Nov 2010

The Black Sheep Croydon, Surrey.

18 Nov 2010

Hoxton Pony Hoxton, London.

4 Dec 2010

93 Feet East East End, London.

The New York date is a Mahoody DJ set as he’s going over the pond for a few days to enjoy the CMJ music festival. If you are a New Yorker or you’re in NYC then prepare for some dark dark beats etc.Thanks for reading,Gaolers


Lear Jets/pez

November 6, 2009

What a productive couple of days we’ve had in Gaoler’s land!

On wednesday we completed the recording for our second E.P at Urchin studios, after a session with Andrew at Alchemea a couple of months back. The tracks are sounding really exciting and we can’t wait for the finishing touches to be made to them so that you can hear them in all their glory. Matt and Dan who work at urchin are really great to work with, always brimming with enthusiasm that rubs off on everyone in the room, always making for a splendid session. The mixing was done later in the day so we had to find a way to kill a couple of hours. We chose to spend it in a community centre/library/cafe-twas a strange place, yet one we felt drawn to even last time we were up these endz. After copious amounts of tea and coffee (what’s the deal with not getting a biscuit with your tea, yet you get one with your coffee? Surely this is wrong. What are we tea drinkers supposed to use to when we fancy a dip? I smell a revolution in the air), and after seriously considering the 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle to carve away at those stubborn minutes, we were back in the studio, tying up all the loose ends in the mixing.

And then it was time for bed…

For we had another early start the next morn. This is getting like an actual job!  A fun one though…

We had a photoshoot booked with Who’s Jack magazine, a lovely bunch of people who’d organised a shoot in a Private jet in Stanstead! It was nice to see how the other half live-the reception area was filled with Diet Coke and fruits and mints and pretty amazing magazines selling cars as much as houses and jackets as much as expensive stuff. Although the high vis vests slightly detracted from the glamour, it was all a lot of fun and we got some great shots of us in the plane looking well gangstar…After the shoot we drove to a quaint old thatched pub and did the interview with the Who’s Jack guys. The magazine with our lovely faces in will be out in December….

Adios Amigos

Gaoler’s Daughter



July 19, 2009

hello again,

Well, things have been pretty hectic, Gaolers-wise for the last few days. We’d just finished squinting at the sun, emerging from Urchin studios, when suddenly we were back in Alchemea Studios laying down some demos, ready for recording our next release. My we have been busy.

Many new tunes have been written and they’re sounding great!

Had another meeting with Stuart from 360degreemusic at quite possibly  my new favourite pub, The Cock (no jokes please), just to finalise plans and work out the next step for us as a band. All pretty exciting stuff. Many pints were drunk, many thoughts thunk, and afterwards we headed to Stroll On at Hoxton bar and grill to see Amazing Baby play. Good day all in all!

gaolers daughter x

New Tunes Recorded

July 11, 2009

Well, we’ve just had a very productive 2 days producing and recording the songs for our first release at Urchin Studios in Limehouse, East London! On the first day we recorded 4 songs with Matt Ingram at the desk. On the second day we mixed all 4 songs with Dan Cox at the desk. Matt and Dan have are very talented engineers and they are a pleasure to work with. Now we just need to get the tracks mastered and we’re ready to release these songs! You’re still gonna have to wait until mid-September though because that’s life!

Trust us, these songs are worth the wait. ‘From Russia With Love’ sounds so intimate and close. It’s as if John is sat next to you singing the words straight into your ear… ‘Sister On The Stairs’ has a great New Orleans feel to it. ‘Jumbo Jet’ is the liveliest track and is probably gonna be the title track of the ep. ‘Clown And Out Blues’ is sad and slow but it’s supposed to be….

We’re going into to Alchamea studios on Monday with Andrew to demo some new tunes for our next recording date at Urchin in a couple of weeks. We can’t wait. Things are moving fast at the moment. We’re in talks with 360 degree music at the moment and hope to sign a deal with them very soon. Watch this space.

Gaoler’s Daughter x