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‘Alchemy’ EP released on 6th June/FREE Tracks/T-shirts!

June 2, 2010

If you liked our debut EP ‘The Only Way To Travel’ then you’re gonna love our next EP ‘Alchemy’. It’s out on 6th June. You can listen to all the tracks from it on our website.

We also have have brand new T-shirts for sale on our website. You can even download one of the tracks ‘Sun Coming Up’ from one of the links below, alongside some other free tracks of ours that are available from the internet’

‘Sun Coming Up’

‘9 Pieces Of Silk’

‘Jumbo Jet’ (Age Of Consent remix)

Enjoy. X


semi-automatic santa

November 18, 2009

Hello again, 

Not much to report since the last blog yesterday, but just thought I’d remind you that our debut E.P is available to pre-order now! You can get it from our website here, and it should also be up for pre sale on Puregroove’s website soon too.

The launch party for the E.P will be on the 1st December at Puregroove in London (Smithfield). Would be great to see you there! There are more details on their website.

We’re meeting up for a writing day in the next few days, so we should have some shiny new songs ready in time for our next load of gigs. We’ve got so many ideas at the moment, it’s really exciting and we can’t wait to play them live for you in the very near future…

Things i’ve learnt this week:

Drinking straight from bar taps, although fun, can result in a telling off/possible ejection from aforementioned bar. 

You can’t survive entirely on Quavers and Diet Coke (although Lord knows i’ve tried)

Bob Dylan just gets cooler with age. Check this out 

Gravity is not my friend. Bloody Isaac Newton….


Until next time 


gaoler’s x


November 7, 2009

Hi there!

So we’ve got some preview copies (exclusively for band members and Alfie’s Nan) of our debut E.P to have, hold and cherish finally. They look the part, and feature exclusive artwork by the one and only Alex Mahood. It’s a fantastic feeling to actually hold it, and know that this is our first foot on the musical ladder.

Also, we’ve got some wonderful new Gaoler’s Daughter logo badges. So if you see us at a gig, harass one of us and we might just give you one. It’s exciting to see things moving along at a good pace, and everything seems to be falling into place ready for our E.P release. It feels like only yesterday we were working on our first songs in the toilet factory in Elephant and Castle…Oh, how time flies.

The launch partaaay: It’s at Pure groove Record shop on the 1st of December; you’re all coming right? Good, I thought so, see you there!

There are more details, as ever, on our website, and our myspace. And don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list to receive your FREE track


Gaoler’s Daughter


Primary Boater.

September 23, 2009

Since signing to 360 degree music, things have been moving along nicely. We’ve got a new website with more tracks to listen to, pictures, links and some freebies for you lucky people!

You can view the website here:

Gaolers Daughter

A couple of gigs have been added to the calendar too:

1st October @ The King’s Head (Acton)

3rd December @ The Red Lion (Twickenham) a.k.a Filthy Mcnasties

and our first gig in Brighton is coming up this Saturday @ The Hope. Really looking forward to that one!

Creative juices have been flowing too, and we’ve been writing some really interesting songs in rehearsals. Two songs are nearly finished: One, a middle ages English folk tune with a Latin beat (if you can imagine it) and the other; a Smiths-esque danceable tune with some pretty deep lead guitar. Can’t wait to play them live and hear the reactions!

Anyways, the artwork is all done for the E.P, and we’re all on course for a November release for our debut. There will be a launch party to celebrate the release so keep your ears to the ground…

This week I have learned:

You can buy slush-puppy-like cider out of the taps in the Hermits Cave in Camberwell (‘Westons’)

The Horrors‘ new album is surprisingly good

Sunday Drivers do exist/are as bad as people say. Generally they have a wicker hat on the parcel shelf and boiled sweets in the glove-box.


Gaolers Daughter